Zelensky Tries to Publicly Shame Biden Into Attending Useless “Peace Summit” Circlejerk

Brandon is claiming he has to miss out on a big-time jerk session because he caught his dick in a toaster.

The media isn’t even asking why he put his dick in a toaster in the first place.

Vologdomgondor is just trying to present a reasonable request that Russia offer a full and unconditional surrender, then send all of their leaders to a war crimes tribunal to be tortured and executed.

Most likely, Russia is going to be like “you drive a hard bargain, Volignoborgondongir, but we’ll take this deal, even though we want to live.”

Biden making this serious shit seem retarded because his dick went into a toaster? Nigga, I been making love to kitchen appliances for 30 years, and never once did I heat out my dick in a toaster.

The Guardian:

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said Vladimir Putin will give a standing ovation to Joe Biden if the US president fails to attend a peace summit in Switzerland next month.

On a visit to Brussels where he signed a 10-year security pact with Belgium, the Ukrainian leader said it would not be “a strong decision” if Biden failed to attend the talks scheduled for 15-16 June near Lucerne.

[The] peace summit needs President Biden and so do the other leaders who look at the reaction of the United States. Putin will only applaud his absence, personally applaud it – and standing, at that,” Zelenskiy said.

He’s not just gonna have some Kazakh maid applaud that shit for him, he’s gonna do it personally. He won’t do it sitting down neither.

Vilignogorodon didn’t want to say it, but after Putin stands personally and applauses, he’s gonna do a Fortnite dance, then he’s going to turn on the karaoke machine and sing “It’s Raining Men.”

Biden is destroying democracy.

The conference is being organised at Zelensky’s request to secure “a just and lasting peace” but Russia has not been invited, so it remains unclear what it can achieve.

Um, democracy?

How about achieving democracy through peace?

More than 160 delegations have been invited, including members of the G7, G20, the EU, the Council of Europe and the UN. Zelenskiy said he was also expecting a reply from China and Brazil, and stressed that all participation mattered. “Believe me every voice is important.”

They also invited former host of MTV’s TRL Live, Carson Daly, as well as the famous basketball player Larry Bird.

When they called Bird, he started farting in the phone. But Daly is coming. Word is, he wants to show off a new tattoo he got of the Indian spiritual icon Ganesh.

Belgium has pledged to send 30 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine by 2028, with the first deliveries scheduled to arrive later this year. Zelenskiy said the delivery of jets in 2024 would “make our stance stronger” but voiced frustration with western allies’ restrictions on weapons being used against targets on Russian soil.

This is a great start.

With maybe 38-39 F-16s, the Ukraine could easily win the war.

Vilignogorodon met Belgian F-16 pilots, instructors and technical staff at Melsbroek military airport on Tuesday.