Total Collapse of Feminist Hoax Machine as Bill Cosby Freed!

Victimized Negro Gentleman Bill Cosby has been freed after having been falsely imprisoned in a feminist hoax.

The entire feminist agenda is now at risk, as everyone is realizing that if you go to a big black buck’s house and take his pills, you’re not a “victim” – you’re a filthy whore.

Furthermore, there isn’t even any evidence – all of the sudden, 30 women just came out of the woodwork? Is that believable? Why?

Cosby’s back, baby.

NBC News:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated the aggravated assault conviction of Bill Cosby on Wednesday, overturning what had been considered a milestone win in the long and difficult battle for dozens of women who had accused the comedian.

The comedian, now 83, has been accused by 60 women of misconduct including groping, sexual assault and rape dating as far back as the 1960s.

Cosby has repeatedly denied all allegations of non-consensual sex repeatedly and did so again on Wednesday following his release.

When Cosby was convicted in 2018, activists considered the jury’s decision a landmark decision in a movement in hold powerful accused abusers accountable for their sexual predation.

It was a landmark.

This is a reverse landmark.

Women are going to have to come up with another hoax!

This entire prosecution was a sham.

For all but one Cosby accuser, the statute of limitations had passed by the time a deluge of accusers went public in 2014 and 2015. That was Andrea Constand, who alleged Cosby drugged and molested her at his Pennsylvania home in 2004.

There were less than two weeks before the statute of limitations expired in Constand’s case, which was taken to prosecutors a decade earlier but never resulted in a criminal trial, when Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele filed charges against Cosby.

Steele was likely motivated to bring Constand’s case to trial, despite prosecutorial difficulties, in part because of the dozens of women who came forward against Cosby, NBC News legal analyst Danny Cevallos said.

This was probably seen as a piece of symbolic justice,” Cevallos said. “That if they could find one person for whom it might quietly vindicate or somehow bring justice to the women who could never bring their case because the statute expired.”

The vacated conviction Wednesday had nothing to do with the credibility of the women who came forward, Cevallos said, and everything to do with the unique circumstances surrounding the decade-long journey to bring the case to fruition.

Well, it sure did destroy the credibility of this whore.

If she was a credible slut, she wouldn’t have been at a big black buck’s house eating his pills!

Stupid ugly bitch!

Cosby did nothing!

Cosby was targeted because he was the single useful black man – look at this BuzzFeed article whining about how he told the blacks to stop acting like a bunch of niggers.

Cosby’s entire legacy was about telling American blacks to stop whining and blaming white people.

“We cannot blame white people.” -Bill Cosby, Negro Gentleman and Rape Hoax Victim

What they did to Cosby was disgusting. They destroyed his entire legacy when he was 80 years old, because sluts were on a rampage just trying to destroy anyone. Every other black that was accused got off, but they nailed Cosby to the wall, specifically because he is one of the single living American blacks who stood up against the Jewish agenda to tell blacks to blame whites for all their problems.

I half expected them to do a rape hoax against Thomas Sowell next!

This is Bill Cosby talking to the Jew-controlled mulatto Don Lemon in 2013, just a few years before they decided to hit him with the rape hoax. He slammed dirty black sluts who won’t raise their own kids or stay married. He again told blacks to stop whining and blaming whites.



Black man.

And it is supposed to be a coincidence he’s the only black man who gets rape hoaxed?

You think that was a coincidence?

The only thing Bill Cosby actually did wrong was file copyright on The House of Cosby (which was much funnier than Rick & Morty, actually, and requires an even higher IQ to understand).

Welcome back, Bill.

May you live the remainder of your days in peace, freed from the chains of this slut system.