Total Mommy Takeover! Finland Elects Millennial Wahmen PM!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2019

Well we tried to warn you.

But it is too late now.

The mommy takeover of our society is almost complete and ain’t nothing nobody can do about it.

Mirror Online:

Finland has just nominated its youngest ever prime minister – who is aged just 34.

Sanna Marin – currently Transport Minster for the country’s Social Democrats – has been picked to lead the country’s five-party coalition government following the resignation of Antti Rinne.

She will become the country’s youngest ever prime minister when she takes control next week.

Rinne resigned earlier this week after coalition member the Centre Party said it had lost confidence in him following his handling of a postal strike.

Marin is understood to be the world’s youngest leader and is twelve months junior to North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, 35. 

That was an unnecessary barb thrown at Kim Jong-un – who to my knowledge has done nothing to warrant these insults and slurs being hurled his way.

Furthermore, if given a choice, I think most people would vote for Kim Jong-un to run their country instead of this little strumpet.

Compare and contrast:

Smol and scared.

Bold and brash.

The golden rule of politics is that people vote for strong horses. Kim has a strong horse, while Sanna does not. The discussion should end there.

But hey, if you don’t like being ruled over by a Millennial tart, you can always vote for – oh. Wait.

What’s worse is that Sanna has created a new platform by mixing center-left social policies with a woke Green agenda that appeals to other God-awful Millennials.

While the party used to be considered “Old Left,” we should all know by now that you can’t allow Millennials into anything because they will ruin it. With politics in particular, they inject their wokeness into the equation. As an example, the party came out in support of LGBT takeover of the country in 2015 and has steadily gotten woker ever since.

I predict the following:

  • Unions thrown under the bus as borders are opened to infinity niggers
  • Big business becomes Woke Capital, agrees to LGBT promotion in exchange for tax cuts
  • Corruption and incompetence will flourish like weeds all around the young, inexperienced ditz
  • Showdown with Russia

Again, the old party wasn’t all that bad. They worked with unions to maintain high wages, talked about not allowing foreigners to vote, and refused to join NATO.

However, all of that is about to change. I can see the writing on the wall.

The heavy grey veil pulls back temporarily and I see the swamps and boglands of Karelia running black with freshly spilled Turk-blood. An army worthy of ZOG being spawned in the saunas of Helsinki, ready to be unleashed on the last free peoples of Europe just across the border…

Green lightning strikes the fell tower of Cirith Ungol Gazprom guarding the northern approach to the Imperial City.

Temperatures drop and the Gulf of Finland freezes over into a wind-clawed ice dune, where every slab of ice is desperately fought for by hastily-scrambled conscripts in winter gear, trying to hold back the ZOG advance.

Let it be known that all of this will come to pass.

You could have prevented this.