Trannies Taking Hormones Who Don’t Commit Suicide Will Die of Heart Disease

Who would have thought injecting yourself with end-of-life cancer drugs and various extreme hormone cocktails in an untested way could have unintended consequences?

New York Post:

Transgender women taking gender-affirming hormones like estrogen are up to 95% more likely to suffer from heart disease compared to cisgender men, researchers have found.

A study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology showed that all trans people were at a “significantly higher risk” of a host of serious and potentially deadly medical conditions, including heart attacks and strokes.

The authors used health data from 2,671 trans people in their early to mid-20s living in Denmark.

They then compared the rate of heart disease seen in the trans patients to a control group of 26,700 people.

The increased risk of any type of heart disease was higher in both transgender men and women as compared with the control group, the study found.

Transgender women taking estrogen had a 93% increased risk of heart problems versus control men, and a 73% higher risk when measured against control women.

Transgender men taking testosterone had a 2.2 times increased risk of cardiovascular ailments compared with control men, and a 63% increased risk compared with control women.

If it’s male trannies in their 20s, then the problems might be more related to Lupron, what they call a “puberty blocker” but which is actually a repurposed cancer drug. It causes all kinds of problems.

Androgen deprivation (lowering the testosterone levels) in men to fight prostate cancer has been known for a decade to cause serious heart problems.

Maybe it’s worth the risk if you’re also risking dying of prostate cancer. Can’t imagine it’s worth the risk to embrace a mental illness.

Estrogen also causes all kinds of problems – even in women. There was a program in the 1990s to inject post-menopausal women with horse estrogen, which many or most doctors no longer do because it causes strokes.

Last year, the US government issued guidelines saying that the risks outweigh the benefits, and it should be stopped altogether.

That was in 2022 – at the same time they were telling you that “The Science” is a hard and unbreakable doctrine that never changes, both in connection to trannies and the vax.

In fact, when they were telling you that, like every other time in the history of medicine, treatment recommendations were changing nigh daily.

TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for older men was considered totally safe a few years ago, and now they are increasingly saying that actually, there are lot of risks (beyond testicular shrinkage and prostate enlargement, which they always knew about).

I was considering taking it when I turned 40, but now – there’s no way. Natural ways of boosting testosterone are easy, and it’s not worth the risk of messing with this stuff.

I could go on and on here. This is a topic I’m very interested in and have followed.

There are many risks associated with these hormone treatments, that the reasons to take them at all are increasingly slim. Yes, there are some cases where the benefits still outweigh the risks, but in the case of trannies, this is impossible, given that there is zero risk for a person with gender dysphoria in not taking these drugs.

Anyway – whatever.

All of these trannies are going to die from suicide long before they have a chance to die from these hormones.