Trannies Win Gold and Silver at Chicago Women’s Cycling Races

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New York Post:

Two transgender cyclists took home gold and silver at a women’s cycling event in Chicago — sparking fresh controversy as only one biological female made the podium.

Tessa Johnson, 25, won first place in the Women’s Single Speed and Cat Half categories at the Chicago CycloCross Cup (CCC) on October 7, while Evelyn Williamson, 30, placed second in the Single Speed contest.

Their efforts left only one biological female on the podium for the Single Speed race — Allison Zmuda.

For her success in the women’s Cat Half, Johnson won $150, and Williamson received $75 in prize money for placing fourth.

Records show Williamson has been racing in the women’s category since at least 2017, earning 18 titles.

But in 2020, she appeared to compete in both the men’s and women’s categories at the Sky Express Winter Criterium, where she won first place as a womanbut did not place against the men.

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