Trump Blames Brandon for World War III (Brandon Did Not Do the Abraham Accords)

Donald Trump posted on Truth Social (lol) this weekend that Joe Biden is leading us to World War III.

This is true, obviously.

But Trump did the Abraham Accords, which caused the Hamas crisis.

We always try to view everything in the bigger context of a global war between US/Jews and Russians/Chinese/everyone else.

The Israel-Palestine conflict obviously fits into this. Israel is the Jewish base, and Russia/China are allied with most of the Arab states, trying to make money with them while the Jews are trying to murder children, and bomb hospitals and churches.

However, even if we put this in a vacuum, the Abraham Accords – supposedly masterminded by Trump’s Jew Jared Kushner – would have led to this crisis. There was no other possible outcome of attempting to normalize Israel’s relations with the Moslem world without solving the Palestine issue.

So outside of the Ukraine, the escalation with China, whatever the hell these people are up to in Africa and wherever else – the Abraham Accords always would have led to this situation.

I said it at the time. Everyone was saying it. “You have to do something about Palestine.”

Of course, the Democrats can’t blame Trump for this, because they support it.

Which is kinda funny.

But yeah, this shit is on Trump and his Jews.

You just… you can’t have Jews.

You just have to not have them, at all.

These people killed Jesus Christ, and everything they do follows that action.