Trump Selling “Listless Vessel” T-Shirts

“I’ve got lists coming out of my frigging wazoo hole. These Trump people, they don’t have any lists at all. I’ve never in my life seen a group of people with zero lists, and I’ll tell you, I’ve seen some shit.”

Meatball “Ron” DeSantis recently referred to Trump supporters as “listless vessels.” He did not explain where there lists went, or what types of lists he expected them to have.

I said at the time “this will be the new ‘deplorables.'”

Of course, Donald Trump is now selling “listless vessel” t-shirts.

It’s a funny idea, but somehow Trump’s people managed to make the worst shirt imaginable.

Why put “deplorable” on there? People get that it’s like when Hillary said “deplorables.” Everyone immediately gets that. People are not retards. Why put “patriot”? Who designed this crap? Rudy Giuliani?

The shirt should just say “Listless Vessel” or maybe “Listless Vessels for Trump.”

What a horrible, shameful waste of a good meme.

Trump doesn’t have any good people working for him.

It’s a good thing DeSantis is possibly the most incompetent person who was ever featured in a major political campaign.

I think Trump’s jokes about the line will be good though.

“No lists, folks. We don’t keep lists – no lists. We don’t have any lists.”