Trump’s Cuckold SCOTUS Upholds Fednigger Ban Preventing “Domestic Abusers” from Possessing Guns

See: The US Government is a Criminal Gang with No Legitimate Authority to Rule the American People

Shall not be infringed. Unless… [list of hundreds of different ways it’s infringed]

Imagine that there are adult human beings living on the planet earth who think the US Constitution has some bearing on the way the US government is run. Not just people with clinical mental illness, or street junkies, but normal adults with normal jobs who live in normal houses.

It’s beyond comprehension.

The Guardian:

The US supreme court has upheld a federal ban preventing anyone placed under a domestic violence restraining order from possessing a gun.

The ruling in US v Rahimi, supported by eight justices to one, with Clarence Thomas dissenting, will leave in place legal protections against a major source of gun violence in America.

My nigga Thomas is the single person on the court who even pretends to care about this country.

Every single one of Trump’s appointments are utterly useless.

Imagine that people tried to tell you “oh well, the really important thing about voting Republican is that they get to make the SCOTUS appointments.”

Writing the opinion, the chief justice, John Roberts, said that individuals can be temporarily disarmed if they pose a “credible threat to the physical safety of another” without violating the second amendment to the constitution that allows the right to bear arms.

“Since the founding, the nation’s firearm laws have included regulations to stop individuals who threaten physical harm to others from misusing firearms,” he wrote.

Like what?

Dred Scott?

There actually is an argument that noncitizens don’t have any guaranteed Constitutional rights at all, so I don’t think that counts. This is the same court who extends all of these rights to non-citizens, however, so they can use a ban on non-citizens (blacks, specifically) owning guns to say “this is an example of humans not having a Second Amendment right.”

The judgment will come as a relief to gun control advocates who had feared that the ability to disarm dangerous people might fall prey to the radical interpretation of the second amendment advanced by the court’s conservative supermajority.

Merrick Garland, the US attorney general, welcomed the ruling as confirmation that “commonsense prohibition is entirely consistent” with the second amendment, adding that the justice department would “continue to enforce this important statute”.

The decision from the chief justice comes as a rebuke to the fifth circuit court of appeals which had previously ruled that the ban on gun possession for those under domestic violence restraining orders was unconstitutional.

In his opinion, Roberts framed the decision to continue the ban on gun possession by those under a domestic violence order as “common sense”. He wrote: “When an individual poses a clear threat of physical violence to another, the threatening individual may be disarmed.”

Not that it even matters, but the law doesn’t even say the man has to have seriously abused her. She can basically just tell the court he was mean to her, and you’ve got a 5AM raid with 17 ATF badge niggers red-dotting you in your bed and walking you out of the house at gunpoint in your underwear. (This is one of many reasons I tell men to NEVER let their underwear “express their inner child.” None of this Spongebob boxers bullshit, homo. I mean, definitely wear boxers, because the balls were not meant to be restricted by tightness, but just get the Calvin Klein 100% organic cotton boxers. Nb4 “Calvin Klein is Jewish,” then I dunno bro, you got the money for Ralph Lauren? Just get normal, blank boxers. No exceptions.)

All forms of gun control are meant to push towards completely abolishing the right to own guns. The Second Amendment doesn’t exist, but there are still ways you can privately buy and own some types of guns without breaking the law.

Basically, these people want a situation where the only gun you can own is a shotgun or a musket, and even then, not in the city. They also want all guns controlled by some weird biometric shit, where only one person (or a series of people) can use the gun (this is in Cyberpunk 2077, for the real niggas who play that game because they fixed it). This would even prevent people from raiding a police department or military depot and getting (usable) guns.

All gun control laws are about taking all guns. Period. From bans on fully-auto, to background checks, to other forms, to restrictions on felons of drug users, it’s a process of adding more and more hurdles and restrictions until they get to the point where there are so many restrictions that no one will even notice if they just say “actually, you can’t own guns anymore at all.”


Even if you believed that there was such a thing as “common sense gun control,” taking guns from a “domestic abuser” (anti-male slur for a man who keeps his woman in line) isn’t “common sense.” If I’m gonna kill my wife, the one thing I am not going to do is shoot her.

I’m gonna:

  • Beat her to death with a crowbar
  • Beat her to death with my bare hands
  • Burn her alive
  • Drown her in the bathtub
  • Push her down the stairs
  • Tie her to a pillar and stone her
  • Feed her to wild animals
  • Tie her to a concrete block and throw her off a bridge into the river
  • Cut her belly open with a samurai sword and let her bleed out
  • Push her into a vat of acid
  • Throw her into a volcano
  • Beat her to death with an iron skillet
  • etc.

The only time I could ever see a gun being involved in the murder of my wife would be pistol-whipping her to death.

So this is not even on par with that