Exposure to Toxic Chemicals Before Pregnancy Reduces Breastfeeding Capacity, Study Suggests

Is the government going to do something about this?

Or are they just going to keep talking about cow farts?

Why is this stuff about the chemicals only reported in the Guardian? Why don’t other mainstream news outlets report the fact that we’re all being turned into diseased mutant freaks by industrial chemicals?

The Guardian:

Women exposed to toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” prior to pregnancy face an elevated risk of being unable to breastfeed early, new research finds.

The study tracked lactation durations for over 800 new moms in New Hampshire and found higher PFAS exposure could cause lactation to slow or stop altogether within six months.

The findings are “cause for concern” said Megan Romano, an epidemiologist at Dartmouth University and the lead author.

“For all women who are exposed, there’s a little bit of a decrease in the amount of time they breastfeed beyond delivery,” Romano said.

The new study found higher exposure led to a 28% higher risk of stopping exclusive breastfeeding before six months and some stopped breastfeeding altogether.

Only about one-third of US moms breastfeed beyond 12 months, though the World Health Organization and major pediatric groups recommend up to two years and beyond. The study may help explain why many US women stop breastfeeding early, though socioeconomic issues and other factors could play a role, Romano said.

The government won’t stop this. They won’t even talk about it.

How can we claim the government is legitimate?

Who can claim that?