Trump’s Stated Plans for the White House are All Great, I’m Sure

I’ve always supported all of Donald Trump’s stated policies on the campaign trail. Remember that in 2016, he said he was going to be neutral on Israel-Palestine, and that he’d make Israel pay back the aid money America had sent them.

People forget how hardcore he was in 2016.

There is a “fool me once” situation here, however. I believe he wanted to do all that stuff, but he didn’t do any of the stuff he said he would do. We’re supposed to celebrate his pro-Satan and anti-gun SCOTUS appointees as the main accomplishment of a four-year run.


Donald Trump’s potential second term in the White House might see Washington stop funding Ukraine, withdraw from NATO, and further cut economic ties with China, Reuters reported on Monday, citing anonymous sources.

During his 2017-2021 presidency, many of Trump’s policies ended up obstructed by unelected government officials and sometimes even his own appointees, according to numerous insider accounts. He seeks to get around that problem by appointing “loyalists” more amenable to his “isolationist policies and whims,” the outlet claimed.

Reuters admitted that Trump himself has offered “few clues” about his intentions. The article was based on interviews with almost 20 current and former aides and diplomats, most of whom were not named.

According to eight European diplomats, there are “acute fears” that the second Trump administration would cut off aid to Ukraine and doubts whether it would honor the US commitment to “defend NATO allies.”

“There are rumors that he wants to take the US away from NATO or withdraw from Europe, of course it sounds worrying but… we are not in a panic,” said a diplomat from one Baltic country.

Another diplomat, representing a northern European NATO member state, outlined the options his and some other embassies have sent to their capitals about the November 2024 election. If the incumbent president, Democrat Joe Biden, is reelected, “Things might go rather well: the US keeps on rehabilitating herself,” he said.

A “mild” version of the second Trump presidency would be “a repetition of his first term with some aggressive overtones.” If he actually follows through on pledges to dismantle the ‘Deep State’ apparatus, that would be the “doomsday option,” according to the diplomat.

I’m certain it all sounds very great.

You could argue that he understands things better now, and will be able to do things better the second time. There’s no evidence to support that, but you could argue that.

So, whatever.

I support voting for him, I guess.

It’s just that elections are fake and even if he wins none of this stuff is going to happen, so I will not support getting all excited about it.

The other thing is: you have a real push now for Trump to choose Nimrata Randhawa as his running mate, which would really be a negation of all of the above POLITICO-stated agendas.