Watch: Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Vladimir Putin

Well, it’s finally happened. Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin has aired.

This is being hailed as a historic moment, which could lead to the end of the war, but we’ll all just have to wait and see if that is the case. (It seems to me a rather bold prediction.)

Putin started out with a sort of ruminating bit about the history of Russia. I don’t know that this was really “playing to the audience.” It’s a justification of historical claims on Eastern Ukraine, which is fine I guess, but I would think the Western audience, which is not typically interested in history lectures, would be more inclined to hear a moral justification than a historical one.

I understand that Putin and many Russians are very interested in history, but the necessity of denying the historical identity of the Ukrainians is a Russian issue, not an international one. For international audiences, the fact that the Ukraine is a criminal state that is oppressing ethnic Russians is enough of an explanation for the Russian annexation of these territories. The justice-based justification carries more emotional resonance, I think.

Anyway, Putin made his point as regards the historical illegitimacy of the Ukraine state, particularly their possession of the eastern territories. He also suggested, pretty strongly, that parts of the Ukraine should return to Hungary (and maybe even Poland).

Tucker Carlson was wearing a Kabbalah bracelet, again, by the way.

After the 30-minute history lesson, Tucker made his strange point that the West is afraid of Russia but not afraid of China. Putin, to his great credit, responded to this moronic shill claim from Tucker that in fact, the West is a lot more afraid of China than they are of Russia.

Putin then went into more recent history, as regards the fall of the USSR and his request to Bill Clinton that he be allowed to join NATO. Tucker for some reason called Putin “bitter,” and he gently corrected the Kabbalist, saying it’s nothing about bitterness, as it is not a romantic relationship, it simply was what it was.

Putin further elaborated on the US support for terrorism in the North Caucuses. He said he told the FSB to write to the CIA and tell them to stop doing that, and they wrote back saying “we will continue supporting the opposition.”

He went on to tell the story of meeting with George Bush Sr. and wanting to build a mutual missile defense system with US, Europe, and Russia.

Interestingly, he explained that there was never anyone to talk to in the US. There was no negotiator. The presidents didn’t really have authority, he said, as decisions were being made by hidden “deep state” type entities.

He explained that all of his overtures to the US and the West were denied, and the US expanded NATO up to Russia’s border. The Russians tolerated it until it came to the Ukraine. He then explained the Maidan coup, which was backed by the CIA (a story the reader of this site knows well).

Even after the Maidan coup, he explained, he tried to do the Minsk agreements to prevent the war in the east.

Then he said what I always say: Russia didn’t start the war in 2022, they joined a war that was ongoing since 2014.

When it came to the topic of “neo-Nazis,” Tucker tried to draw a distinction between Ukraine nationalism and neo-Nazism. Maybe that’s valid, I don’t know, but the Ukrainian state is definitely “neo-Nazi.” Whatever anyone thinks of when they think of neo-Nazism, when you look at the Ukraine, you see that.

Speaking of the conversations he’s had with Joe Biden, he said the same thing he said of his conversations with other presidents: he won’t reveal the details of private communications. This is very professional and respectable, and it’s a principle that any leader should uphold. It’s presumably something he learned working for the KGB, but it is gross the way modern politicians constantly reveal details of private conversations.

Finally, the key point of the interview emerged: the war will be over in a few weeks if the US stops funding the Ukraine. That is the fact, that has always been the fact.

After the key point was revealed, the interview began, and Tucker asked about any case in which he would invade Poland. He explained that this claim from the West is totally ridiculous, and he would only ever invade Poland if Poland attacked Russia. He said that no sane person wants a global war, and this is what a Russian invasion of Poland would mean. He said that the whole thing is totally fake, that everyone knows Russia is not going to invade Poland.

Tucker asked about Chuck Schumer threatening an invasion of the Ukraine with regular US soldiers, and Putin asked: “Don’t you people have anything better to do? Don’t you have a big problem on your border?”

The question of the Nord Stream bombing came up, and Putin jokingly said Tucker did it. Putin then said that it was obviously the CIA. Tucker questioned why, if Putin has evidence the CIA did it, he doesn’t release the evidence and “win a propaganda victory.” Putin then laughed, and said that it’s impossible to win a propaganda war against the United States, because the US government controls the global media.

When it came to the conversation of the US dollar and the sanctions, Putin said all the obvious things about how the US is undermining the dollar itself, how they thought the sanctions would cause Russia to collapse and when it didn’t collapse, the smart thing to do would have been to reverse the sanctions. It’s all of the things that I’ve told you millions of times. It’s very obvious and everyone knows it.

Tucker again pushed his anti-China hysteria, claiming that BRICS was going to be dominated by China (in some vague way), and Putin called it a boogieman, saying that China is a neighbor and they’ve gotten along for hundreds of years.

Here’s the clip, if you want that – it’s one of the more important parts of the interview:

Asked who makes decisions in the United States, Putin said “I don’t know.” That’s a pretty incredible thing, no?

The rest of the interview went over issues in the present day as regards the Ukraine war.

Tucker raised the issue of Putin as a Christian leader, and the answers to that were interesting. He brought up Dostoyevsky and the Russian soul, the identity of Russians. This was useful and interesting.

They also discussed AI, and genetic engineering, and the plan to make specialized humans. Putin said that there is no way to stop AI.

At the end of the interview, Tucker Carlson said he wanted Putin to release a Jewish journalist. I thought that was really gay. Putin explained that this Jew was involved in espionage, which is an established fact. He broke the law. Putin is not unreasonable, he said he wants that Jew out of Russia.

Biggest Ever

The interview has 70 million views at the time of writing, and I am writing before most people have had a chance to watch it. It will be, by far, the most-watched piece of political programming in history. Tucker’s interview with Andrew Tate is currently cited as the most-watched interview of all time, having 110 million views, and the Putin interview should surpass that today.

The EU has openly now declared that allowing Putin to speak in this way constitutes a form of “illegal media,” and is threatening to shut down Twitter for allowing people to watch it.

Imagine that.

What sort of a thing is it when you claim that “democracy” means that the people are capable of being the ultimate deciders about the actions of the state, but also claim that these very same people are so stupid that they can’t listen to a foreign leader speak in an interview without their minds being taken over?

Personally, I do not support democracy, at least not universal suffrage democracy, but I don’t think the people are that stupid, that they can’t even see an interview without their minds being conquered. This is a very extreme view, to frame the population as little children like this.

Of course, the Western leaders always tie this censorship to voting, claiming that if people have free access to information they will vote wrong. I’ve argued that if you agree not to vote, you should get a special “information pass” that allows you to avoid censorship. There is no reason the US/EU shouldn’t agree to this, if in fact their concern is that people will vote wrong.


Tucker released this post-interview feature.