Two Yoofs Lure White Teen to His Death by Posing as a Woman on TextNow App

Erin Tillman, left, and Talas Bonds.

You need to be extremely careful when blindly meeting up with people these days, especially in nigger-infested cities like Memphis.

Really, this teen should have called the “woman” on his phone first, or at least agreed to meet up in a far more public place (such as a coffee shop).


Police say two teenagers allegedly lured a White Station High School grad to a church property where he was robbed and killed.

Jack Luibel, 18, was found shot to death earlier this month outside his truck in front of a church in Frayser.

Investigators say the White Station High School football player was lured to the location by 18-year-old Talas Bonds and Erin Tillman who are both charged with first degree murder in his death.

According to records, Tillman and Bonds live in the same area as the church where Luibel was murdered — an easy walk to the church.

Police say the two lured Luibel through an app called “TextNow.”

The app assigns a random generated phone number to the user of the app.

The two suspects, investigators say, posed as a female who wanted to go out with Luibel giving him an address and map to the location.

Police got the records from TextNow and located Talas Bonds at an address on Slocum Avenue, not far from the crime scene.

Police also received information that Bonds was wanted for a robbery in early August.

Jack Luibel.