UK: 9 Injured After Indescribable Man Uses “Corrosive Substance” During Vibrant Incident

Having acid thrown in your face is part and parcel of living in democracy.

It’s a small price to pay for the rights ensured by our values.

GB News:

A mother was left screaming “my eyes” after vile thugs threw acid into her face and at her two children in a suspected acid attack in south London.

The thug then fled the scene, according to witnesses, and left eight people needing hospital treatment.

A total of nine individuals, including a woman, her two children and three officers were injured as a result of the incident.

The suspect is still at large as of Thursday morning, and a helicopter was deployed to try and locate them.

It is understood that three passers-by tried to come to the aid of those injured in the horrific attack, before suffering injuries themselves.

Police officers have launched an investigation following the attack in Lessar Avenue, Clapham South.

“It was horrific,” a witness told Sky News as he tried to clean the chemical from the woman’s face.

“First a man grabbed his kid – a girl aged two or three from a white car.

“He threw her onto the floor – twice! It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

“The man then threw something at the woman. She was screaming, ‘my eyes! My eyes!’.”

The man then allegedly got into a car and tried to run the woman over.

The witness said, “there was a little baby girl banging on the door on the dad’s side, the lady was crying, screaming” and calling for help.

Some people think multiculturalism is a hell on earth, but true Gs know that it’s really exciting.

You go out to do regular things in your day, and you never know who might be throwing acid in your face. You know it won’t be a white guy, but it could really be anyone else. Except Asians.

Just part and parcel of living in a major city