UK: Football Club Bans Lesbian for Opposing Trannies on the Internet

Linzi Smith, lesbian TERF

Whether or not the right-wing should be allying with lesbians against trannies is not really an important question at all.

The issue here is the question of how it is possible for a football club to be engaged in an intelligence operation against its own fans.

What is the purpose of this sort of lunacy?


Newcastle United has reportedly banned a fan from attending matches at its stadium over posts she made on social media criticising transgender ideology, including asserting the biological reality that “transgender women” are not, in fact, women.

The Premier League has been accused of using “Stasi” tactics after an 11-page dossier of social media posts and other information on Newcastle United supporter Linzi Smith was reportedly used to ban her from attending matches until at least 2026 and was even handed over to the police in an apparent attempt to have her arrested over social media posts rejecting modern gender theories.

Smith, a lesbian woman who has criticised the transgender movement for encroaching on the rights of women, said that the Premier League report also included details about her life, including where she lives, works, and even the route she uses to walk her dog.

Pieces of the dossier they compiled on her

According to a report from The Telegraph, the football club informed Smith that she had violated its equality and diversity membership rules through her supposedly discriminatory statements made online.

One example of an apparent violation was when Smith wrote: “It’s like they’re trying to trans the gay away. You’re a young woman who likes sport? YOU’VE BEEN BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!!!! You’re a young man who likes makeup and dressing up??? YOU’VE BEEN BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!!!! Make it make sense.”

The post was among several in an “Online Investigation and Target Profile” reportedly compiled by an unnamed unit for the Premier League, which was established in 2019 to monitor offensive statements, particularly racist remarks, directed towards its players.

The dossier was then reportedly given to Newcastle United, who in turn are claimed to have provided the information to the police for a potential “hate offence”. Smith says that she was interviewed by police, who told her that she had not committed any crime. However, the football club still decided to revoke her membership and prohibit her from attending any matches until 2026.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Smith said: “I’m struggling to believe this has happened to me. It’s mind-blowing that they have gone to such lengths because I have expressed views to which I am entitled on my personal Twitter account.

“They have behaved like the Stasi – it was being done so covertly that I didn’t even know what was happening.

“They kept telling me they want everyone to feel included – but it appears you’re only welcome if you follow their thought process on everything, and if you don’t you are banned. It is sinister and I feel violated, to be honest.”

What would have happened if the football club did not ban the lesbian?

What was the purpose of their actions here?

Why do they even have the resources to be engaged in intelligence operations in the first place?