UK: After Kiwi Farms Hack, Posters Reportedly Ordered to Appear Before Court for Offensive Posts

Kiwi Farms was a website that focused on recording and categorizing internet “drama” material. This often led to people on the site becoming fixated on the people they were recording the actions of, which in turn led to harassment and gang-stalking type behavior.

There is a famous transsexual named Keffals who streams on Twitch who posters on the site were stalking across the internet, and last month Keffals succeeded in having Kiwi Farms dropped from Cloudflare. After their domain was taken and they were then dropped from various Russian services, the site went offline. Shortly after, the site was hacked and users’ emails and IP addresses were leaked publicly.

Now, the British government is reportedly going through the data, and calling people who posted on the site in for interviews with the police. The following notice was posted online after having been received by a former member of the forum:

The note, from the West Yorkshire Police, says that the user was found to have violated sections of the Communications Act of 2003 and the Protection from Harassment Act of 1997. The document has not yet been confirmed by the media, but it appears official, and it is simply obvious that the British government would do this. There are reports that this has happened to multiple people.

In the United States, we have something known as the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine, which says that evidence acquired during the commission of a crime cannot be used in court. However, the UK and other European countries do not have these laws. Given that Kiwi Farms was a relatively popular forum, where much of the content was politically incorrect and therefore in breach of the laws of many countries, it is likely that hundreds of people could end up eventually receiving notices to appear before the police, and potentially be criminally charged.

Most people on the right-wing do not have much love for Kiwi Farms, given that many of the posters were themselves trans, and often engaged in harassment and gang-stalking campaigns against right-wingers. However, everyone on the right-wing needs to take note of what has happened here, and reevaluate their internet security situation.

There is evidence that the devs at Kiwi Farms were handling the data irresponsibly, and did not use proper security on the site, particularly after they were dropped by Cloudflare (which, along with being a CDN, also has a wealth of security protections). That said, you have no idea how anyone is taking care of your data, and you should always assume that any right-wing website you post on will eventually be hacked. Even people who do everything in their power to keep a site safe can be hacked.

This especially applies to sites that you log into, as simply making an account can cause you to be interviewed as “being a member of an organization.” If you actually post anything that violates any of your laws in Europe or the UK, you will likely be charged. In America, even though we have laws protecting speech, you can have an investigation opened against you by the FBI, which can include visits to your home and various forms of harassment of your family, even if you are never charged with or even suspected of a crime.

It’s always better to stay private online through the use of a VPN and/or Tor. I do not sell a VPN, so I’m not going to recommend one, but just find one that has been audited and found to not keep logs, and obviously one that is not based in Israel (several of them are). You can pay for most VPNs using cryptocurrency, to ensure your name is not linked to the purchase. Tor is free, and can be used through the Tor Browser or by opening a Tor window in the Brave Browser.

Furthermore, even if you are taking all precautions, if you are someone who is an active internet poster, you should have the phone number of a lawyer you can contact in the event of a visit by the FBI. Whatever you do: do not talk to the FBI. Do not talk to them about anything. All that talking to them can do is cause problems. There is no possible good outcome.

For more information about just how stupid it is to talk to the FBI, please watch this video:

Everyone needs to be aware of this. That video should be spread far and wide.

We are entering a time when random people are now being targeted by the FBI (or the analogous secret police in their respective countries). The best way to not end up in that situation is to not let them know who you are by remaining undoxed and only posting on the internet securely. However, if you are investigated, the best way to prevent being sent to prison on fake charges is to have lawyers ready. They want to make examples of people, but they will choose to go after the people who are easiest to go after.

This is real. Be careful, be aware. Take care of yourself.