UK: Boat Crossings in the First 3 Months Hit New All-Time Record

Every white country on earth is experiencing record numbers of immigrants, while we’re being told to be very concerned about Ukrainians and Jews.

These wars, even if the West loses them badly, will have succeeded in distracting the masses of people from the crisis of immigration. We are being buried alive by immigrants, and will have no future if we do not start deporting these people immediately.


Britain experienced a record number of illegal migrants arriving on its southern shore in the first three months of the year, piling the pressure on a Conservative government failing to appease its core voters on immigration.

A total of 4,644 migrants landed in southeast England on small boats from Europe up to March 26, according to provisional Home Office data — up considerably from 3,770 last year and the previous record high of 4,162 recorded in 2022.

Boat crossings were down toward the end of last year, prompting Home Secretary James Cleverly to trumpet the government’s efforts in cracking down on illegal immigration and claiming Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s administration was honoring its pledge to “stop the boats.”

Cleverly dismissed critics who claimed that adverse weather conditions had been the primary contributing factor to the drop in arrivals; however, the recent spike in arrivals coinciding with warmer weather conditions and plainer sailing appears to lend credence to the theory.

The Home Office is now using the spiraling figures to push its immigration reforms currently held up in the House of Lords — the upper chamber of Britain’s bicameral legislature — claiming a change in the law is needed to ensure deportation flights can take off for Rwanda, the African nation with whom Britain recently signed an asylum agreement.

“The unacceptable number of people who continue to cross the [English] Channel demonstrates exactly why we must get flights to Rwanda off the ground as soon as possible,” a Home Office spokesperson said last week.

Conservative voters in Britain have grown tired of empty promises, however, and appear to be voting with their feet against a party that has consistently promised to reduce immigration while allowing it to sky-rocket to unprecedented levels in recent years.

Recent polling has the governing party attaining almost half the vote share of the opposition Labour Party with 22 percent to 42 percent. A Redfield Wilton survey published on Wednesday made even grimmer reading for Sunak in Wales where the Tories could soon find themselves coming third in a two-horse race, sitting at 16 percent and just one percentage point ahead of the fledgling right-wing Reform UK party run by Brexiteer Richard Tice and closely affiliated with nationalist firebrand Nigel Farage.

Farage should have joined the Tories and become Prime Minister after he did Brexit, but instead he quit politics and hosted a talk show. He can’t become Prime Minister with his Reform Party platform.

He’s an appealing figure, but he’s made bad decisions.

That said, it would be pretty incredible if he made second place anywhere in the UK.

The election is on December 17.