UK Claims Chinese an Existential Threat to Gay Anal Order

Quite frankly, this is exactly what I have been saying this whole time: China is a threat to gay anal.

Therefore, China is an ally of good people.

Anal is a satanic action. Anyone who supports it is with Satan.

It’s the single most important issue of our time.

We have to stop these faggots.

Quite frankly, we have to stop the Jews who enable the faggots, and we have to stop the white women who enable the Jews.

We have to stop basically everyone who has power in the Western world.

Sino-Friendship is really the only solution to anything that is happening.

The Guardian:

The UK’s approach to a “whole of state” assault by the Chinese government on its economy, politics, civil infrastructure and academia is completely inadequate, an influential parliamentary committee has found.

China’s state institutions were aggressively targeting the UK, the all-party intelligence and security committee (ISC) said, and “without swift and decisive action” a nightmare scenario could emerge where China represented not just a commercial challenge but an existential threat to liberal democratic systems.

This isn’t a “nightmare” and the scenario has already emerged.

Your stupid faggot kike vaginal anal system is threatened, existentially.

Sino-Friendship is real, and I hate you all.

I’m with the Chinese.

The committee, which completed its inquiry into the Chinese threat in May, was scathing about the failure of the UK to wake up to the scale of the challenge.

“We found that the level of resource dedicated to tackling the threat posed by China’s ‘whole of state’ approach has been completely inadequate, and the slow speed at which strategies and policies are developed and implemented leaves a lot to be desired,” the ISC said.

Until recently the UK government was willing to accept Chinese money with few questions asked, the ISC said, and “as a consequence the UK is now playing catch-up and the whole of government has its work cut out to understand and counter the threat from China”.

What is the threat, specifically?

They are going to corrupt you with traditional values?

I agree that there is a very clear threat, but I don’t think you should be allowed to use vague terminology.

You should have to explain what it is we are talking about here.

The failure to respond to the economic threat posed by China, and to put in place a way of protecting UK assets “is a serious failure and one that the UK may feel the consequences of for years to come”, the parliamentarians found.

The committee said: “There is no evidence that Whitehall policy departments have the necessary resources, expertise or knowledge of the threat to counter China’s approach.”

The government’s focus, the report said, was still dominated by short-term or acute threats. “It has consistently failed to think long-term unlike China, which historically has been able to take advantage of this.”

In a scathing assessment of British academia’s willingness to accept Chinese research grants, the report said, that “while some have expressed concern others seem willing to turn a blind eye, happy simply to take the money”.

“Academia is an easy option when it comes to the theft of intellectual property, with China taking advantage of collaborative projects to steal information which may be less protected,” it said, adding: “It is alarming there is still no single list of the areas of sensitive UK research which needs protecting.”

Finding that the west was generally too reliant on Chinese technology, the report said that “without swift and decisive action we are on a trajectory for a nightmare scenario where China steals blueprints, sets standards and builds products, exerting political and economic influence at every step. This presents a serious commercial challenge but also has the potential to pose an existential threat to liberal democratic systems.”

So the threat is… economic competition?

How could you think that this does not exist?

Isn’t economic competition the whole foundation of Western ideology? Ostensibly?

Oh but their economic victories will allow them to threaten “liberal democratic systems,” huh?

Does that mean anal sex and women controlling everything? If that’s what it means, why don’t you say it? If it means something different, why don’t you say that?

Personally, I’m really sick of liberal democratic systems.

I’m with the Chinese, for the sake of freedom and liberty.