UK: Convicted Criminals and Drug Dealers Invited to Join Police in Bid to Increase Diversity

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2014

No No No, this is far too White.

There are not enough Black and other non-White criminals in the Police, so there will now be a recruitment drive to encourage them to join, the Daily Mail has revealed.

So many of the brown hordes have lawless tendencies that it is feared their criminal convictions might be holding them back from having a career in keeping the peace.

The College of Policing which sets the standards for the force thinks the standards need lowering to those of shoplifters and drug users, as these ‘valuable people’ will obviously be much better than the traditional White officers.

So long as the criminal primates do not try to hide their offences, then chief constables and personnel directors are being instructed to take them on.

This is what we want!

Violence, rape and fraud are to be the only crimes that will now prevent the savages from joining, but once they have joined, they can do all of that anyway, with less fear of being prosecuted.

The College of Policing excused their behavior by saying ‘We are looking at reviewing the national standards around vetting. The current vetting standards are creating barriers to people who might be interested in policing. We need to look at this and apply discretion for minor convictions.’

Being understandably worried, the chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales Steve White said that “The public need to have the utmost confidence that police officers are of the highest calibre and integrity and I have serious and grave concerns about anything which could undermine that.”

Never mind Steve, it wont be long until the public is all non-White anyway and calibre and integrity will just be things of the past.

We will just have to make do with this for the time being though.