UK Dick Pic Crackdown: First Man Ever Convicted of “Cyberflashing” Gets Jailed for a Year and a Half

I recently wrote that the accusations against the Mayor of New York, that he pulled out his dick at some woman who he worked with who asked him for a ride home 30 years ago, were not a big deal even if they were true.

When men think a woman is into them, sometimes they whip their dicks out. It’s just biological. We are mammals, are we not? We reproduce sexually, yes?

What the Taliban says is that the only way to avoid this sort of thing is to segregate the sexes. This seems to be very obviously true on its face.

The West is just going to ban dicks altogether.

The Guardian:

The first person in England to be convicted of a cyberflashing offence has been jailed for 66 weeks.

Nicholas Hawkes was convicted under the Online Safety Act after cyberflashing became an offence in England and Wales on 31 January.

The 39-year-old, from Basildon in Essex, was already a convicted sex offender when he sent unsolicited images of his genitals to a 15-year-old girl and a woman on 9 February, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

Southend crown court heard on Tuesday that Hawkes asked to use his father’s phone to call probation. He went into another room, where he sent the indecent photo via WhatsApp to a woman in her 60s. Minutes later, on the same device, he sent an explicit image to the child over iMessage, who was said to have been left “overwhelmed and crying”.

Well, I don’t believe she was “overwhelmed and crying,” but yeah, maybe this guy is going a bit far.

But why were the “victims” not just blocking his messages?

Both victims took screenshots of the messages and the woman reported him to Essex police the same day.

David Barr, prosecuting, said the offences “fall as part of an established pattern of behaviour of the defendant”.

Despite his previous offending, Hawkes has reportedly not received any treatment. Though he was offered 12 appointments with a psychiatrist, he never received them as the waiting list was too long, the court heard.

Hawkes admitted during an earlier hearing at Southend magistrates’ court to two counts of sending a photograph or film of genitals to cause alarm, distress or humiliation.

Cyberflashing can involve offenders sending people an unsolicited sexual image on social media, dating apps, Bluetooth or Airdrop. Victims of the offence and other image-based abuses receive lifelong anonymity under the Sexual Offences Act.

He was jailed for 66 weeks and handed a restraining order for the woman and the girl lasting 10 years, and a sexual harm prevention order banning him from approaching women who he does not know on public highways and in parks for 15 years.

It’s just whatever.

If he didn’t know the women he was sending the pics to, this is obviously different than regular “sexting” type behavior. But clearly, the first time they sentence someone for this, they’re going to pick a case that is extreme. In the future, if a woman decides she doesn’t like you anymore, she can just take a dick pic you sent to the cops and have you jailed.

All of the sexual stuff, regardless, is inevitable in a feminist society.

You have to segregate the sexes.