UK: Guardian Experts Claiming Global Warming is Killing British Children (Wtf?)

These kids are sweating balls.

They’re going to die. They’re sweating so much, because cow farts are changing the weather.

We have to raise taxes on the middle class and block out the sun.

(Seriously though, this is probably the single most deranged global warming newsbit I’ve seen so far. They are becoming unhinged. They want to redo the coronavirus lockdowns for global warming.)

The Guardian:

The climate crisis poses an “existential risk” to the health and wellbeing of all children and action to tackle it is needed immediately, Britain’s most senior paediatrician has said.

In a major intervention, Dr Camilla Kingdon, the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), said every adolescent was at grave risk from the physical and mental effects of the climate crisis. Healthcare professionals were already seeing its impact first-hand, she added.



Air pollution, extreme weather and unprecedented energy costs were having a very real and detrimental effect on millions of children, she said. But as a country we have our “heads in the sand” when it comes to the climate crisis.

Oh, so now we’re adding air pollution.

Unlike global warming, that actually exists. I don’t think it’s a serious problem in Western countries (especially considering the other environmental problems, including plastics and estrogen pills in the water), but it does exist.

Kingdon attacked what she described as the rolling back of net zero policies by Rishi Sunak and said the country’s most vulnerable children would be left bearing the greatest burden as a result.

Rising temperatures around the world as a result of the climate crisis are having a devastating effect on foetuses, babies and children, multiple studies have found.

When, exactly, did the media get permission to claim that this global warming theory is a fact? It’s not a fact. There is no evidence for it. If hot weather killed people, everyone in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and so on, would be dead.

Hot weather does not kill people* and it does not cause health problems. For white people, sometimes it can cause weird rashes. These are not deadly. Sometimes they are itchy. But the UK is nowhere near that hot.

*Obviously, there are cases in places like the Sahara Desert where hot weather can kill people, but they are extreme circumstances. Humans are much more likely to die from cold. You’re probably more likely to die slipping on ice.

Look – these are average temperatures:

And these are hot countries (where people live and do not die of heat):

Go check the map. Most people on the earth live in hot countries. This is because life is easier when it’s warm. Humans are mammals, which are warm-blooded animals, which means that when we live in places with wintertime, we have to devote large amounts of resources to staying warm. There is also very little food available in the winter, which means you have to gather and store food, which is somewhat complicated. People in warmer regions don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s why most people live in these regions, and it’s also why brown-skinned people typically have lower average IQs – cold weather is an external pressure that kills people who are below a certain intelligence threshold, because it is so difficult to deal with.

The temperature of the UK could triple and no health problems would occur (except maybe the rash thing, but I think that is more related to humidity).

Do people that write this shit not know that there are hot countries where humans live? I don’t even understand.

When I was a kid, they were saying that the ice caps would melt and it would flood cities. They just cut that out of the narrative (even though that could actually be some kind of apocalypse, if people failed to build flood walls). Now they’re just saying that warm weather is itself dangerous in some vague way, without ever addressing the fact that hot countries exist and most people live there.

It’s all just gibberish. I can’t believe this bullshit is being published. Or, I think I can’t believe it, then I remember these people also push child trannies, and I’m like “ah, yeah – anything is possible because humans have denied the existence of God.”

Scientists have determined the climate emergency is causing – among other adverse outcomes – an increased risk of premature birth and hospitalisation of young children as well as weight gain in babies. Research shows pollution can stunt children’s lung growth, cause asthma and affect blood pressure, cognitive abilities and mental health.

You see that switcheroo?

Carbon dioxide is not air pollution. It’s what plants breathe.

Why is heat causing weight gain? I thought we were healthy at any size? If weight gain is a problem, why are we not talking about ultra-processed foods, instead of this weather voodoo?

I feel like someone put crazy pills in my apple juice.

“Climate change is no longer tomorrow’s problem, it’s today’s,” Kingdon said. “Healthcare professionals across the UK are already seeing its impact first-hand.”

In the UK, air pollution was the largest environmental risk to public health, she added. “Children breathe faster, so they inhale more airborne toxins in proportion to their weight than adults exposed to the same amount of air pollution. As such, they are especially vulnerable to air pollution, which can lead to asthma in childhood, and lifelong health issues.”

How are they just switching back and forth like this?

Are we talking about carbon dioxide or pollution?

Carbon is not pollution. It’s a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses magnify the rays of the sun, and affect earth’s temperature. The claim is that humans are creating so much carbon that it is affecting the temperature, but the claim is disproved, because manmade greenhouse gasses are such a tiny fraction of the total greenhouse gasses (1/3rd of 1%) that it is statistically negligible.

Furthermore, as stated, the average temperature of the UK could triple and it still would not be as hot as other countries where humans safely live. Furthermore, increasing carbon dioxide is good for plant life. (However, again, the amount we produce is statistically negligible, so it’s not really helping plants. It’s not doing anything. It’s completely irrelevant.)

Air pollution is something totally different. It’s particulate matter in the air that goes into the lungs, and it’s something we’ve been conscious of for over 100 years. There is virtually no air pollution in a modern Western city. The only major source in the developed world is forest fires, which are a result of the insane forest management policies of these same “The Science” people.

The damage inflicted on children by the climate crisis was not limited to physical ill health, Kingdon said. “The mental health effects of climate change on children are significant and may be long lasting.

Children exhibit high levels of concern over climate change and the mental health consequences, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, phobias, sleep disorders, attachment disorders and substance abuse, can lead to problems with learning, behaviour, and academic performance.”

Well, that is clearly true. The government/media is telling children that the world is going to end, that they’re going to die of swamp ass. It’s going to get so hot that their asses are going to get so sweaty, they’re going to drown in their ass sweat.

Or maybe, if the average temperature of the UK changes from 8 to 10 by 2070, they’ll just burst into flames.

It’s also this big stupid disgusting moral crusade by women, like George Floyd or cuck muzzles or the Ukraine or whatever other gay horseshit.

But yeah – big agree on the “causing mental illness” part.

It’s very obvious.