Japan: Workers Hospitalized After Contact with the Fukushima Water They’re Dumping Into Ocean

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The kikes are always screeching about the Chinese, but we’ve not seen a “Great Sino Ocean Poisoning” event, have we?

If you have to be hospitalized over contact with the water, then the sickening pedophile nips have no right to be dumping it in the Pacific Ocean, which belongs to most countries in the world.

The nips should have just made criminals drink the water to get rid of it.

The Guardian:

Four workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant were splashed with water containing radioactive materials, with two of them taken to hospital as a precaution, according to the plant operator.

The incident, which took place on Wednesday, highlights the dangers Japan still faces in decommissioning the plant. The reactor was knocked out by an immense tsunami in 2011 in the world’s worst atomic disaster since Chornobyl in 1986.

Five workers were cleaning pipes at the system filtering wastewater for release into the sea when two were splashed after a hose came off accidentally, according to a spokesperson for operator Tepco.

Two others were contaminated when they were cleaning up the spill, the spokesperson added.

The radiation levels in the two hospitalised men were at or above 4 becquerels per square centimetre, the threshold which is considered safe.

The incident came a few days after Tepco completed releasing a second batch of wastewater from the plant and as United Nations inspectors visited the facility for a safety review.

This is such absolute bullshit.

If China was doing this, there would be an international crusade against them. Japan doing it is a back page story.

I’ve told you from the beginning: “Keep an eye on the nips; all of this anti-chink propaganda is distractionary, and it was always the nips you had to worry about.”

Now these boy-lovers are poisoning the entire Pacific Ocean.

You see how that works?

Everything I say is true and I’m right about everything.

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