UK: Hateful Monster Gets 2 Years in Jail for Posting Printable Stickers on Telegram

Democracy can’t survive such things

We’re headed for a situation where speech crimes and fake rapes are the only crimes.

Everything else is being legalized, while the punishment for speech and not believing women is reaching the levels of punishment that used to be reserved for rape and murder.


A far-right activist has been jailed after a judge branded him an “antisemite” with “Nazi sympathies”.

Samuel Melia, 34, was found guilty earlier this year of inciting racial hatred after a series of “stickering” incidents between 2019 and 2021.

Melia, from Pudsey in West Yorkshire, was sentenced to two years in prison at Leeds Crown Court on Friday.

Judge Tom Bayliss KC said: “The publication of this kind of material is corrosive to our society.”

Mass immigration, conversely, is our greatest strength.

Including murder and rape done by immigrants.

Melia was the head of the Telegram Messenger group Hundred Handers, a social media channel that generated racist and anti-immigration stickers that were printed off and displayed in public places.

Sam Melia and his wife, who is currently pregnant with their second child

The stickers contained “ethnic slurs” about minority communities which displayed a “deep-seated antipathy to those groups”, the court heard.

‘Nationalistic and vitriolic’The court also heard Melia had an “obsessive interest” in Sir Oswald Mosley, who founded the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s, and that he was attempting to “peddle the same antisemitism”.

Melia had a poster of Hitler in his garage, a book by Mosley in his bedroom and it was found that much of the material Hundred Handers published was “xenophobic, nationalistic and vitriolic”.

Judge Bayliss said: For the first time since the 1930s, a real risk of gross, potentially violent, antisemitism is becoming normalised on our streets.

“It has been used before to tear at the heart of Western democracy.

“It must not be allowed to do so again.”

That’s going to be really hard to swing.

You’re just going to have to put millions of people in prison.

Because we are reaching the point where millions of people are fed up with these Jews, and it is not going to slow down. There is not a pile of shoes big enough to slow down the rising anger at the Jews for what they’ve done to all people on earth.

Democracy is under attack from everywhere