Most Americans Don’t Want Country to Get More Involved in Current Wars

The media and the government say that the only reason America exists is to fight wars in order to force “our values” on foreign peoples.

Strangely, the population believes the exact opposite, and believes that the government should instead be addressing the problems facing the American people. In particular, people are concerned about the fact that Joe Biden has brought 10 million random poor people across the border and released them onto the streets, without even bothering to give an explanation as to why he is doing that.


As the U.S. navigates involvement in the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, few Americans want the country to take a more active role in solving the world’s problems, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

While an American role as the “world’s policeman” has become an increasingly contentious partisan issue, a majority of both Democrats and Republicans agree that the U.S. should not get more involved than it currently is in the ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Hamas.

The poll shows that 4 in 10 U.S. adults want America to broadly take a “less active” role in solving global conflicts. Only about one-quarter think the U.S. should take a more active role, and about one-third say its current role is about right.

Half of Democrats say the U.S.’s current role in the Russia-Ukraine war is about right, and 30% want a more active role. Across the board, Democrats are more likely to favor U.S. intervention in Ukraine: Nearly 6 in 10 think it’s very or extremely important for the U.S. to provide aid to Ukraine’s military to fight Russia or negotiate a permanent cease-fire between Russia and Ukraine, while only 24% of Republicans prioritize more military aid and 41% of Republicans say it’s extremely or very important for the U.S. to help broker a permanent ceasefire.

After 911, war was ostensibly about revenge against the Moslems. It was supported by Republicans and a lot of Democrats. Now, the Ukraine war is explicitly about gay sex, so the ratio has flipped.

The Israel war is in a different category of thought, with some Republicans supporting it because of God’s chosen baby-killers, but it’s generally even less popular than the Ukraine war.

It appears that even diehard boomer “Christian Zionists” are seeing these pictures of what the Jews are doing, and somehow growing consciences.

Anyway, none of this matters, because we live in a democracy, meaning the opinion of the population is completely irrelevant. If you don’t like your pro-war representative, you can vote for a different pro-war representative. There is no way for anything about America to change as a result of the democratic process.