UK: Local London Council Tells Companies to Swear Allegiance to the Anus If They Want Contracts

Anal is human rights – say the people who slaughter children in Palestine.


A leftist-controlled council local government in London has reportedly begun to require private companies “demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ equality” if they wish to do business with the council.

The Camden Council in Central London is said to have introduced measures to ensure that all firms hired by the local government are on board with the increasingly radical LGBTQ+ agenda.

According to statements seen by The Telegraph, the Labour Party-run council has proclaimed that it will only “work with businesses whose values align with our own, and to use our position of power to positively influence”.

“We are beginning to ask businesses to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ equality before we procure them,” the council reportedly stated.

The mayor of the borough is a Moslem woman named Nazma Rahman. Why are the other Moslems letting her get away with this?

The council is also reported to have said that “building our commitment to LGBTQ+ equality into our procurement processes” has been a central element in its strategy to be more inclusive.

According to the broadsheet, Camden Council has also introduced transgender awareness sessions and has set aside dates to celebrate “Bi Visibility Day” and “Transgender Day of Remembrance”.

We definitely need to keep the bis visible.

Oh, yes.

“White British” people are only around 1/3 of Camden’s population. You can see most of them here.