UK: Man Sues Mostly Female Company for Sexual Discrimination

It’s funny, but I doubt it’s going to go very far.

Daily Mail:

A lab worker has been allowed to bring a sexual discrimination case after his female boss allegedly told him to ‘man up,’ over moving some boxes, and told him she ‘doesn’t hire men because they are less organised’.

Daniel Price says he suffered ‘extreme discrimination,’ at PiQ Laboratories in Ebbw Vale, Wales, which became a ‘toxic environment,’ after he was allegedly frozen out of conversations on several occasions.

He alleges that lab manager Ashleigh Knowles told him he was ‘lucky,’ to have a job, as he was a man.

On one occasion, he claims she told him: ‘You’re a man and you don’t need to be listening to this’.

He says that a catalogue of incidents between June 2019 and May last year at the food testing lab in Ebbw Vale, South Wales amounted to an: ‘Extreme discrimination against males within the workplace, leading to a toxic work environment for myself.’

Daniel Price, oppressed man

The employment tribunal at Cardiff heard that discussing a new appointment, Ms Knowles said: ‘It will more than likely be a girl because women tend to be better and more organised in the lab.’

She then allegedly told Mr Price: ‘You are lucky to have your job because everyone was shocked that it was a guy being employed – we normally only employ females because men are less organised.’

Mr Price said on one occasion he was asked by Miss Knowles to carry boxes that had been delivered ‘because you’re a man.’

He goes through all the times these women abused and discrimated against him, basically treating him like an animal.

Ashley Knowles, oppressor woman

He probably won’t win the case.

Feminism isn’t actually about “equality,” it is about female dominance.

This could only happen outside of America. In America, the court would throw out the case and just tell the man to shut up and do as he’s told by his masters.