UK: Schools Turn Down Old British Man’s Donation to Help British Boys

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2019

We hear the word “reverse-discrimination” used by Boomers a lot and I really hate that terminology. “Anti-White” is far more straightforward and truthful. How else are we to describe the education system going into 2020 if not as being completely Jewed and anti-White to its core?


In 2018, rapper Stormzy launched a scholarship to Cambridge University, that pays for tuition and living costs for two young black students. Earlier this year he announced that he will cover the costs of another two students from black, Asian, or minority ethnic backgrounds.

Two leading private schools are at the centre of a race row after a philanthropist claims they rejected scholarships of more than £1 million for poor white boys, reported The Times.

Dulwich College and Winchester College are believed to have turned down an offer from Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites, 96, to bequeath the funds in his will for fear of breaching anti-discrimination laws.

This based 96-year-old anti-Boomer decided to stand up to Stormzy’s tyranny, forever demonstrating that the generations that came before the 60s are not total useless parasites like the worthless Boomers that came after.

But I digress.

If you’re a poor white lad, you’re totally out of luck. I cannot even fault Nightmare Island for this, when the discrimination against White lads is just as intense (maybe even greater) over the pond in America. Schools and organizations will literally refuse money if they think that this can help White people in any way. They only take money that helps brown people or hurts White people.

The philanthropist in question, Sir Byran Thwaites, had attended both schools on scholarships. He reportedly sought to help disadvantaged white British boys because reports show they perform worse at school than nearly every other ethnic group.

Sir Bryan said:

“If Cambridge University can accept a much larger donation in support of black students, why cannot I do the same for underprivileged white British?”


Stop playing coy. We can all see what’s going on here. But it’s a good thought experiment to switch the races around and do a big think about the implications from time to time for sure.

The philanthropist was referring to last year’s move by grime star Stormzy to set up Cambridge University scholarships to aid black British students.

Thwaites continued:

“In my opinion [Winchester] would gain enormously by being seen to address what is the severe national problem of the underperforming white cohort in schools”.

Asked to comment on the news, Trevor Phillips, former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, was cited by online magazine Standpoint as describing poor white boys as “today’s educational left-behinds”.

Yeah, we all know that White boys are treated like garbage in schools and elsewhere by now. They’re treated like garbage in the popular media and they’re treated poorly at home by their ridiculous harpy mothers who neglect and abuse them, either through intensive coddling or by enacting a sadistic slow-motion revenge aimed at the former husband.

If they have a Boomer dad, they get to put up with neglect and counter-productive advice. They’ll be in the negative for many of their early life years, desperately trying to use the bounty of free information and advice on the internet to try and dig themselves out of the hole that they were starting from.

Now, this particular school appears to be catering to more affluent bougie types, i.e., liberals, so even though there are plenty of White students there, their retarded parents are sure to be the self-hating types who know the correct words to parrot and not make any waves while their kids are getting their fancy education. What the school was 80 years ago when the old man was taught there and what it has become now are worlds apart.

Has the old man not seen what the students look like now?

They’re either Moslems or total freaks.

If the old man wanted to make sure that his money went to a good cause to help downtrodden White boys, he would donate that million pounds to the Daily Stormer instead.