UK: Nog Gives His White Ex an Impressive Pair of Mudshark Sunglasses

Good spread around the eyes, decent symmetry, a pleasing purplish color that matches her problem hair… overall a pretty solid effort.

He’d only done this to her nine times before, so how was she supposed to know he’d do it again?

Look in her crystal ball???


A brave survivor of domestic violence has allowed the release of photos showing her horror injuries when her abusive ex put her head through a car windscreen.

Just hours earlier Leon Thompson told friends he would ‘never hit a woman’.

But the 39-year-old thug viciously attacked Danielle Perry in the early hours of February 17 this year.

Danielle suffered multiple facial fractures when Thompson punched her in the face before grabbing her head and smashing it through the back window of his Peugeot 207.

As she lay on the ground he continued his assault.

Hours earlier the pair were at a friend’s house when the conversation turned to domestic violence and led Thompson to claim he’d never hurt a woman.

However, Danielle reminded him how he’d previously slapped her in the face − almost breaking her nose − to the shock of others in the group.

The disclosure led to an argument on the drive home which culminated with Thompson’s shocking roadside attack.

Danielle later confided in hospital staff who alerted police and Thompson was arrested by West Midlands Police at Heartlands Hospital on the same morning.

Yesterday he was jailed for eight years having been found guilty by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court.

Courageous Danielle, aged 27, has chosen to release disturbing images of her injuries in the hope it will encourage other survivors of domestic abuse to seek help.

She said: “He’d hit me about eight or nine times before.

“I’d been given a fat lip and bruises but each time the following day he’d always plead for forgiveness, cook me a meal and say how it’d never happen again. But it always did.”