UK: Only 50 Healthy People Aged Under 40 Have Died with Coronavirus Since Start of Pandemic

The virus that allegedly brought the doomiest of Dooms upon the Western world only killed 50 people under 40 without preexisting conditions in England.

Daily Mail:

Just 388 people aged under 60 with no underlying health conditions have died of Covid-19 in England’s hospitals since the start of the pandemic, NHS data has showed.

The figures show that 1,979 previously healthy people died in hospitals in England after testing positive for Covid-19 between April 2 and December 23.

Just 338 of these people were aged 40 to 59, with another 44 aged between 20 and 39, and just six under the age of 19, according to the data.

Meanwhile 45,770 deaths were recorded among those with pre-existing conditions, of which 21 were aged under 20, 263 were between 20 and 39 and 2,926 were aged between 40 and 59.

The death toll of people under 40 with preexisting health conditions is 263, so a total of 307 people under 40 have allegedly died of coronavirus.

This tells us a couple of things:

  • The insane lockdown and social distancing measures were never really needed
  • Vaccinating healthy people under 40 is preposterous idea

Despite this virus barely killing 50 healthy young people in a year, the government has seized total power over the lives of everyone.

We’re now in a situation where the police can force anyone into a kind of house arrest and stores can stop people from entering unless they wear a mask — all in the name of a virus that doesn’t even appear to be killing anyone who wouldn’t have died of something else this year.

It’s clear that this isn’t about public health. It never was.

What “45,770 deaths were recorded among those with pre-existing conditions” actually means is that 45,770 people died of something else after testing positive for coronavirus – not that coronavirus killed them.

When you look at the total number of deaths in the U.S., you see that it isn’t higher than any previous year. We can imagine the same to hold true for other countries.

It’s all a hoax designed to get people to accept a rapid transformation of society.

People should be afraid of what the people in power are doing to our countries, but instead, they’re afraid to catch some kind of harmless flu.