UK Says Coronavirus Vaccine Modifications Can Skip Trials, Unlimited Injections on the Way

We’d heard warnings they were planning to vaccinate us nonstop.

This was never going to end with one or two vaccines. This announcement makes it official: there will be multiple coronavirus “vaccines” alleged to target different alleged strains.


Regulators in the U.K. and four other countries have announced new rules to fast-track the development of modified COVID-19 vaccines to ensure drugmakers can move swiftly to target emerging variants of the disease.

Previously authorized vaccines that are modified to combat new variants “will not need a brand new approval or ‘lengthy’ clinical studies,” Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said Thursday.

“The clear goal is that future vaccine modifications that respond to the new variants of coronavirus can be made available in the shortest possible time to U.K. recipients without compromising at any stage on safety, quality or effectiveness,” Dr. June Raine, the head of the agency, said in a briefing for reporters.

The new guidance is based on the model already used to modify the seasonal flu vaccine to keep up with annual changes in the virus and was issued jointly by regulators in the U.K., Australia, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency have issued similar guidance.

Under the new rules, developers will be required to provide “robust evidence” that modified COVID-19 vaccines produce a strong immune response to the variant, as well as data showing they are safe and meet quality standards.

Well, if the evidence is “robust,” I’m sure it’s fine. Right?


What are these people doing?

What possible reason could there be for nonstop vaccines, unless they are planning to genetically modify humans for some total other purpose?

  • They do not care about our health
  • The “pandemic” is a hoax and the “virus” is the flu

So what are the possible options for reasoning here?

I guess it could be just to keep us locked down, and train us for submissiveness, but they’re doing that anyway.

What is the point of injecting us with all of this genetic modification material, if not some twisted mass human biological transformation agenda?