UK: Secretary of Defense Attacked for Trying to Slightly Roll Back Diversity Initiatives in the Army

It’s so funny that this weird nigger-worship religion is going to totally kill the ability of Western countries to fight all these wars they’re planning.

Have you seen these ads the British run, showing the military filled with Moslems? This shit is bonkers.

Those dudes are likely to blow up their own team. I mean, they’re going to be fighting against other Moslems.

Meanwhile, Russian military ads are like: “Be a real man, a hard man, join the military and kill people, defend your loved ones, fight for the pride of your race, everyone will think you’re a badass, women will have sex with you, this is fucking awesome.”

Russian recruitment stations have lines down the street of people wanting to join up. The “diversity” people in the UK and US don’t want to join up, and the whites won’t join up because the whole thing is presented as a gay nigger nightmare where you’re going to get bossed around by vicious lesbians.

GB News:

Female members of the Armed Forces feel “unsafe” after Grant Shapps discussed reviewing diversity policies in the wake of a “woke” and “extremist culture”.

A diversity row has infiltrated the British Army after it was revealed that it was looking at ways to relax checks to promote ethnic diversity among officers.

Shapps has reportedly spoken with Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the Chief of the Defence Staff to discuss how a review of ethnicity, diversity and inclusivity policies can be carried out.

Grant Shapps

His comments have sparked backlash among female personnel and military charities, who brand his response as “dangerous”.

“The review aims to ensure that, at a time when threats are rising, vital defence resources and personnel are not being unnecessarily used to enact controversial inclusivity policies, when they could be better utilised for critical defence tasks,” a defence source told The Telegraph.

Another source added that a number of ethnic minority, non-heterosexual and female personnel had spoken up following the remarks, stating that “this campaign makes them feel unsafe in the military and they now feel the lack of leadership pushback makes them look to leave”.

They feel unsafe when some guy says something, but they feel safe being shot at by Russians and bombed by Chinamen?

How does that follow?

One Sergeant serving with the RAF said: “I think it’s really dangerous that he thinks it okay to make such flippant remarks without quantifying them.

“The military had only just started to make progress in moving away from being an old boys club and it feels that as soon as that has happened people from that generation are now afraid to embrace the changes.

Actually, they probably want to win wars.

Contrary to docudramas on the BBC, we don’t have a lot of evidence that women and blacks can win wars.

“I fear if his comments are left unchallenged, the retaliation from people within the ranks to prove and regain the masculine bravado that is associated with being a soldier will be devastating to the progress we have made in making the military safer and actually a place where women belong.”

How can “WAR” not be associated with “masculine bravado”?

What does it mean?

It comes as the military suffers a recruitment crisis following reports it did not meet its targets, which included increasing the number of women and ethnic minority members.

Yeah, these vibrants aren’t going to join. Why would they?

There are millions of reasons why you wouldn’t want an army of women and blacks, but even if you wanted that, it’s impossible without conscription, and if you’re going to conscript people, you might as well conscript the ones who are good at fighting, i.e., white men.

The military is one of those places where “this isn’t a liberal arts college” is an important motto.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.