UK: Streetshitting Dentist Gets Suspended from Job for 1 Year After Killing Patient

Daily Stormer
October 23, 2019

These people can’t figure out that drinking from a river full of shit and corpses is a bad idea, and we let them be doctors

You know that old saying – you can’t make an omelette without killing a few people.

This applies here.

Daily Mail:

A dentist has been suspended for a year after one of his patients bled to death hours after he finished pulling out ten of her teeth.

Tushar Patel has been banned from working for a year after being found unfit to practice following a ‘catalogue of errors’, a medical standards report revealed.

The dental patient had advanced gum disease leading experienced dentist Patel to remove all of her top teeth during two appointments in the space of a week, a panel heard.

That’s it?

One year suspension for killing someone?

Tushar Patel, the streetshitter dentist that Europe needs to survive

This being Britain, I’m not even gonna bother asking why he’s not going to prison, but why is he allowed to come back to practicing after killing someone?!?!?!?

Is he gonna not be an 80ish IQ subhuman in a year?

Are you people hecking retarded?!?!?!

The female patient told him she was taking blood-thinning medicine Warfarin for a rare blood condition that causes clotting.

Hours after her final appointment, she went to A&E for bleeding, and died in hospital after collapsing at home with ‘bleeding from her mouth’, a report said.

The General Dental Council (GDC) was informed and a professional conduct hearing last week ruled Patel’s fitness to practice was impaired.

Patel failed to discuss the patient’s medical history or her increased risk of bleeding because she was taking Warfarin, the hearing was told.

He also ‘failed to pack the extraction sockets’ and provide the patient with ‘post-operative instructions’, the panel found.

The report stated: ‘These were basic errors which placed the patient at significant risk of harm, when this could have, and should have been avoided.’


The patient attended A&E at King’s College Hospital, London, at 9.50pm on July 18, but was discharged following treatment to attempt to stop the bleeding.

But she then collapsed at home during the early hours of July 19 was bleeding from her mouth, the GDC report said.

Mr Patel ‘fully accepted’ the shortcomings and the panel found him impaired to work, the report said.

The committee’s suspended Mr Patel’s registration to practice for the maximum period of 12 months.

Pending an appeal by Mr Patel, the suspension will start on November 11 2019.

Speaking today, Dr Patel said: ‘The patient’s death was a tragedy and my sincere condolences go to the family.

‘I always strive to provide the very best care for my patients, however, I accept the GDC’s findings and deeply regret that there have been deficiencies in my practice relating to one patient. I can confirm that those issues have now been addressed.’

That was quick.

He didn’t even need a year off!!!

Also, notice that the hospital discharged her even though she was still bleeding, probably some more diversity that we couldn’t survive without there.

But well, we have to look at the bright side of things.

And the bright side is that you can eat overspiced slop made the authentic way – by a borderline clinically retarded ape who doesn’t wash his hands after taking a shit.

And isn’t that worth dying for?