UK: The Flu Magically Disappears, Cases Plummet by 95% as Totally Unrelated Coronavirus Rises

Experts are saying that the lockdown has effectively eliminated the flu, despite not eliminating “the coronavirus.”

If people dare to suggest that flu cases are almost unheard of because they are labeled coronavirus cases instead, that’s because they want everyone to die from the virus – probably because they’re Russian agents.

Daily Mail:

Fewer people are being struck down by the flu than at any time in the past 130 years.

Experts say that the bug appears to have been ‘almost wiped out’ after the number of sufferers plummeted by 95 per cent.

The second week of January, normally the worst time for the seasonal virus, saw the number of flu-like symptoms reported to GPs at 1.1 per 100,000 people – compared with a five-year average of 27.

John McCauley, director of the World Health Organisation’s collaborating centre for reference and research on influenza and one of the world’s leading flu experts, said: ‘The last time we had evidence of such low rates was when we were still just counting influenza deaths, and that was in 1888, before the 1889-90 flu pandemic.’

Simon de Lusignan – professor of primary care at the University of Oxford and director of the Royal College of GPs research and surveillance centre, which focuses on flu – said influenza has now been ‘almost completely wiped out’.

Despite there normally being thousands of hospital admissions during the second week of January, this year the admission rate was zero in England.

Experts believe the coronavirus pandemic has played a part in the dramatic fall in numbers, with increased hygiene and immunity leaving flu germs with nowhere to go.

I chuckled the first time I read the above. Yes, according to “experts,” the lockdown and house arrest lifestyle have completely eliminated the flu, but coronavirus cases are mysteriously rising!

They are putting the dots right up in people’s faces, and most fail to connect them:

Coronavirus is just the flu.

The ones who do make the connection are silenced, banned from everything and dehumanized as “Russian disinformation agents” and/or “domestic terrorists,” thereby easily prevented from informing others as to what is obviously happening right in front of all of us.

The TV media goes into these wards where they’re treating supposed coronavirus patients, and yes, people are dying. At any point in time, the media could have gone into the flu ward of any hospital, and found the same situation. Every year, people die of the flu. In 2018 in America, 80,000 people died of the flu. Hospitals in several cities had to set up tents in parking lots to treat people (something that has yet to happen with the coronavirus).

What they have done is find a way to take something normal, which always happens, and turn it into a crisis. People die every day from car accidents. Imagine if they were going into the hospital with cameras and filming people who were just in car accidents, and interviewing the crying family members of people who died in car accidents. They could say that there is a “car crash epidemic” and that we have to stop driving.

Everyone who died “of coronavirus” was going to die of some other flu anyway, or died of something else that was blamed on the virus. Before 2020, the flu left a yearly death toll. After 2020, the flu magically disappeared and everyone who dies, dies of coronavirus.

This “pandemic” didn’t even increase the total death toll, because it is not really killing anyone who wouldn’t have died in a normal year!

It’s just all very comical.

And it’s very tragic.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this article.