UK: University Gets £1.5 Million in Taxpayer Money to “Decolonize the White-Centricity of English Folk Music”

Why aren’t there any Somali trannies in this picture?

Many don’t know this, but English folk music was created and developed by a Wakandan native of the British Isles named Cheddar Man. The very first English folk song, which Cheddar wrote on his accordion, was called “Bitch, Lemme Stab Them Guts.”

Cheddar Man, true inventor of English Folk Music

He later dropped the killer English folk song “Mutafaka, I Will Kill Your Family and Eat Them Like Spicy Ramen Noodles.” It contained a lovely fiddle solo.

He later hit the top of the prehistoric charts with “This Bitch be Sucking My Dick Like an Ice Cream, Fuck Yo Mama.”

Whites changed some of the lyrics and stole his creations.

It’s time to give Cheddar back what belongs to him.


Woke academics have been granted nearly £1.5 million in taxpayer money to study the “white-centricity” of English folk music and how to “decolonise” the art form.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield are set to embark on an “unflinching look at the white-centricity of folk music repertory, performers and audience by conducting fieldwork to shed light on long-standing vernacular singing practices of ethnic minority cultures in England,” according to a report from The Telegraph.

The stated aim of the project will be to “increase accessibility to the folk club scene and take the first step in a process of decolonisation within the folk music canon”.

The academics have been granted £1,485,400 from the UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) “Future Leaders fellowship’’, which is funded by the British taxpayer.

This institution has so much money to burn, but they can’t afford to buy a decent microphone to spread their gibberish

The move by the UKRI to use taxpayer money to fund woke endeavours was criticised by the TaxPayer’s Alliance, with investigations campaign manager Joanna Marchong saying: “Taxpayers are fed up with research councils marching to the beat of their own drum and ignoring all concerns for value for money.

“Time and time again, these institutions force hard-pressed households to pay millions for academics to rewrite history and achieve minute goals in return.

“The next government needs to clamp down on research councils to ensure that only worthwhile projects are being greenlit and that any funded research will be of value to taxpayers.”

Like in the United States, UK academics have become increasingly preoccupied with social justice ideologies, with British researchers paying particular attention to the supposed evils of the British Empire.

There has also been a strong push to “deconstruct” English heritage and even the very fabric of what it means to be English. For example, last year “anti-racist” academics at Cambridge argued that the ethnic group of the Anglo-Saxons never actually existed, while claiming that they were being used to prop up “nationalist” sentiments among the public.

Cambridge recently renamed its Anglo-Saxon magazine, and this was the best title they could come up with

Commenting on the obsession with attacking “whiteness” in academia, Professor Dennis Hayes, the director of Academics for Academic Freedom, said that there is an “endless supply of stories about disciplines being told by universities to ‘decolonise’ and of money being spent on studies of ‘whiteness’ in any and every conceivable subject.”

Professor of music at Sheffield University Fay Heild defended the £1.5 million project, saying: “The term decolonisation is often misinterpreted. Our research highlights the different under-recognised communities who have helped to establish cultural life in England. Folk music is a constantly evolving genre, which has taken influences from a diverse range of people over centuries.

“It is part of the UK’s cultural heritage and should be celebrated. Our aim is to break down the barriers for people to get involved in folk music. Opening up the genre to different audiences will help to sustain the nation’s folk music for decades to come.”

It’s been long enough.

Long enough.

Time to give the blacks what they deserve: everything.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this article (the funny parts, primarily).