Save the Children Says 21,000 Children Missing in Gaza (These are Separate from the 20,000 Dead Kids)

So, the Jews are doing a war, and children are disappearing.

Some of them are under the rubble, dead.

What did the Jews do with the rest of them, I wonder?

Irish Times:

An estimated 21,000 children are missing in the Gaza war, many torn from their families, crushed by collapsed buildings, detained, disappeared or buried in unmarked graves, according to a report by the UK-based charity Save the Children.

In the report published on Monday, the charity said “at least 17,000 children are believed to be unaccompanied and separated and approximately 4,000 are under the rubble, with an unknown number also in mass graves”. Some had been “forcibly disappeared”, including children detained and taken to unknown locations in Israel where there had been “reports of ill-treatment and torture”, it said.

Kidnapping and torturing children.


This sounds familiar…

The group’s child protection teams working in Gaza were reporting that the flight of one million Palestinians from Israel’s ongoing Rafah offensive had increased cases of separation and worsened the strain on families and communities caring for lost children.

A protection specialist said lost children were found daily and “every day it is harder to support them”, to trace their families or to lodge them in safe facilities. Neighbours and extended family members were struggling to meet the needs of children they were hosting, the report said. Many children were alone or with strangers, risking “violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect”.

Save the Children’s regional director, Jeremy Stoner, said: “Families are tortured by the uncertainty of the whereabouts of their loved ones. No parent should have to dig through rubble or mass graves to try to find their child’s body. No child should be alone, unprotected in a war zone.

“As many have pointed out,” he said, “Gaza has become a graveyard for children, with thousands of others missing, their fates unknown. There must be an independent investigation and those responsible must be held accountable.”

In a report released on Tuesday, the UN’s Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) monitoring system said 20 per cent of Gaza’s population – 495,000 people – were “facing catastrophic levels of acute food insecurity” caused by “an extreme lack of food, starvation and exhaustion”. Half of those affected were likely to be children as they comprise 50 per cent of Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinians.

Yeah, it’s not a great look, really.

Really, the Jews are not looking too great these days.

Israel has a solution to the bad PR.

It’s a little place called “Lebanon,” and there are actual soldiers there they can bomb, instead of mostly children.

As regards the missing children thing…

Here are a series of images from various different countries and centuries:

Why do those images exist?

If you ask the Jews, they will tell you that millions of people, over a period of over 1,000 years, accused them of kidnapping children (and sometimes young virgin girls) and ritually sacrificing them and drinking their blood because – wait for it – they hate them for no reason, and needed a reason to explain their hatred which existed for no reason.

Does that make sense to you?

Doesn’t it seem more likely that the people who we are seeing slaughter tens of thousands of children in Gaza follow a religion that sometimes involves human sacrifice?

I mean, accusing people of human sacrifice is pretty specific.

You also have the fact that other religions did this historically. Those religions had similar demonology to the Jewish religion.

It would be really nuts if everyone just made these stories up because they hated the Jews for no reason. In fact, I find that unbelievable.