UK: Vegans Storm Slaughterhouse, Demand End to “Speciesism”

Daily Stormer
August 28, 2019

Do these people look healthy to you?

I keep reading about these vegtards breaking into farms and slaughterhouses and stores and just stealing other people’s stuff, and destroying other people’s property.

But you know what I never read about?

Them actually, you know, going to prison for it.

Plant Based News:

A group of animal rights activists is occupying a slaughterhouse in Kentrefusing to leave until all animals scheduled to be slaughtered today are given up to a sanctuary.

The campaigners, with the group Smash Speciesism, contacted Plant Based News saying they had entered the slaughterhouse buildings owned by Forge Farm Meats in Tunbridge Wells early this morning.

In two separate groups, they accessed both the silo and kill floor, locking on to the machinery. They say their eviction will need climbing police and specialized operatives that know how to cut lock ons.

These people must be new to veganism, or else they’d be too malnourished to do all this crap.

“The decision to access and blockade this building has not been taken lightly. We are aware of the legal risks related to the action, but we believe there is no other chance to push systemic change,” the group said in a statement sent to PBN.

“The continuous exploitation of sentient beings, treated as property, is not just immoral but unjust, and if we have to force justice by acting against the law, we will do so unapologetically.

We are aware of the multiple charges of animal cruelty against workers in the slaughterhouse and we want to make clear that this action is unrelated to them. We don’t believe in a world where slaughterhouse workers treat the animals kindly, but in a world where slaughterhouses don’t exist.”

I’m really starting to think that empathy for animals is some kind of severe mental illness, and that maybe we should get rid of the people who suffer from it altogether.

Think about it – getting so attached to a four-legged meat automaton that exists only to be eaten by other forms of life, as will happen to all of us one way or another, is just the first step in the kinds of idiotic decisions that got us where we are today.

What are the odds that most vegans will think those Pakis are “victims of racism,” or some retarded Jewspeak like that?

We really should start thinking of a way to breed it out of us.

The group added that this action is the first of many they are willing to undertake in a bid to ‘combat and ultimately bring down speciesism’.

They added: “We would be willing to abandon the blockade if all animals scheduled to be killed today are transported to an animal sanctuary of our choice and if the safety and freedom of the activists are promised, without charges and without personal details.”

These morons are gonna get evacuated and arrested, then sent off with an insignificant fine, as it happened in every case I know of.

The real problem is why so many White people believe this retarded shit in the first place.

And the main reason for that is just pure disconnection to nature in general.

We shouldn’t care about cows and pigs suffering any more than lions care about zebras or wolves care about deer.

Death and suffering and being eaten are normal parts of the cycle of life, and the further away you are from nature, the less you understand that.

I’m too lazy to do this, but if you made a graph of each country in Europe that showed the rates of urbanization versus the support for this vegan gibberish, it would be very enlightening.

Still, I think I found a solution to this – and that’s encouraging people to eat live animals, just like the gooks do.

Raw carnivore isn’t enough to save us from this madness anymore; we need to go further.