Hoholistan Admits Transfer of US F-16s “Could Take Years”

So the deal is, the Ukraine is losing the war badly.

In fact, this is the worst anyone has ever lost a war. All throughout history, any leader would have surrendered by now, with hundreds of thousands dead, half the population of the country having fled as refugees, and no sign of progress. The Ukraine will never surrender, because their decisions are being made by a foreign power that doesn’t care what happens to the country, and might view it as a positive if all the able-bodied young men in the country are dead.

All of this talk about new weapons and new training is stupid. If that was going to make a difference, it already would have made a difference, and it definitely did not make any difference.

They’ve gone on down the line with “once we have X weapon, then we’ll start winning,” and nothing has changed. They just keep on losing.

So either the US is going to enter the war, or there is going to have to be a surrender. That was always the ultimate situation eventually, though it does seem that American leaders are shocked by just how bad the Ukraine is at doing war.


Ukraine should not expect to receive American F-16 fighter jets until sometime in 2024, a Ukrainian Air Force spokesman has said, noting that Kiev’s “high hopes” for the system were unlikely to be met anytime soon.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Air Force Command representative Yury Ignat suggested the timeline for the arms transfer was still to be decided, but said Kiev would have to make do through the end of the year.

“Unfortunately, it is already clear that we will not be able to protect Ukraine with F-16s throughout the fall and this winter,” he said. “There were high hopes for these aircraft, that these could really become part of the air defense.”

Officials in Kiev have repeatedly requested the F-16 by name, and while some NATO states have agreed to instruct Ukrainian airmen on the system, it remains unclear when the first transfer could occur. To date, no country has made any concrete proposal, and US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said last month that it could take years to provide Ukraine with a meaningful capability.

“Just do a quick math drill here. Ten F-16s are $2 billion,” Milley told reporters at the time, attempting to explain the delay. “The Russians have hundreds of fourth- and fifth-generation airframes, so if they’re going to try to match the Russians one for one – or even, you know, two-to-one – you’re talking about a large number of aircraft.”

According to a recent report in the Washington Post, the initial batch of Ukrainian pilots trained on the F-16 will not be ready until after the summer of 2024, with only six airmen set to complete the first round of instruction. Officials cited by the outlet said each pilot will have to take four months in English courses before they can even begin flight training.



I mean.

Come on, now.

This is not even remotely serious. It’s just nonsense talk. If the Ukraine has six F-16s a year from now, that is going to be a game-changer?

Who is following this at this point, other than the Ukrainians themselves, who believe, due to the totally controlled Zelensky media, that both:

  • Russia is trying to kill them all out of meanness, and
  • The Ukraine is winning hard

I guess a lot of Americans and British people believe that too, but at least we have access to some alternative information. At least we can see these statements from Milley, pointing out just how ridiculous it is to imagine arming the Ukraine with enough jets that they could compete with Russia’s air force.