Ukrainian Jews and Israeli Jews are Feuding

Israel and the Ukraine are obviously both Jewish states. However, their respective governments have some conflicting interests.

This is fascinating, given that Ben Shapiro has claimed both that:

  • America is not totally dominated and controlled by Jews, and
  • All of Israel’s interests have a 100% overlap with America’s interests

Meanwhile, other conservatives, such as Lindsey Graham, are supporting both Israel and the Ukraine, while claiming that both these countries’ interests overlap entirely with those of the US.

The underlying reason that Israel has been reluctant to get involved in the Ukraine situation is that Russia maintains a heavy presence in Syria. Russia went in and wiped out ISIS, which is an Israeli-backed organization.

Russia is also aligned with all of Israel’s other enemies, including Iran.

Israel is worried that support for the Ukraine would result in problems with Russia in the Middle East.

The other big element is that Israel has been the biggest benefactor of US war efforts, and they presumably don’t like competition, even from their own cousins.

Bibi has also claimed that these weapons systems being dumped in the Ukraine by the West are ending up in the hands of Moslems, which I assume must be true (though I don’t know how big of a deal that actually is, given that none of the weapons are as advanced as the material Israel has).

Ukrainians, for their part, claim that every country in the world has to give them money and weapons or they must be denounced as evil. The Ukraine, being the only other fully Jewish country, is the only country that is allowed to denounce Israel. The reverse is also true.

Goyim are not allowed to denounce Israel or the Ukraine.


Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgeni Kornichuk will be summoned to Israel’s Foreign Ministry to be officially reprimanded for his public condemnation of his host’s relationship with Russia, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen announced during a press briefing on Sunday.

Kornichuk had accused Israel of siding with Russia under the guise of “neutrality,” claiming “a series of controversial events that have occurred since the beginning of 2023, along with the almost complete lack of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Kornichuk, is also Jewish

Denouncing the Ukrainian diplomat’s “harsh” remarks, Cohen countered, “Despite the complexity with Russia, Israel stood with Ukraine from the beginning of the war until today, publicly supported its territorial integrity and its sovereignty, and voted to condemn Russia in international forums.”

“Israel sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine in an unprecedented manner,” he continued, noting that this year’s sum would surpass even last year’s total of 80 million shekels ($22 million) and pointing out that the missile warning system Israel was currently “adapting” to Kiev would ultimately save Ukrainian lives.

In addition to complaining about insufficient financial aid, Kornichuk’s post claimed Cohen’s visit to Kiev in February had been “fruitless” and accused PM Benjamin Netanyahu of devising “entirely fictional and speculative assumptions” to justify refusing to arm Ukraine. In an interview last week, Netanyahu told the Jerusalem Post he had “concerns” that any weapons systems given to Ukraine could ultimately end up with Iran and be used against Israel itself. 

“That’s not a theoretical possibility,” the PM insisted, pointing out, “It actually happened with the Western anti-tank weapons that we now find at our borders. So we have to be very careful here.” Kornichuk dismissed those concerns, denying the weapons in question were newly arrived from the Ukrainian front.

“Not providing [Ukraine] with weapons is just a decision to please the Russians,” he said, declaring Israel’s “so-called ‘neutrality’” was also “a clear pro-Russian position.”

Israel could only “be on [the] right side of history” – and “support freedom and democratic world order” – by arming Ukraine, Kornichuk argued, claiming the country was ignoring the wishes of the “global Jewish Diaspora” by declining to supply missile defense systems like its coveted Iron Dome to Kiev. “You can’t win a war with bandages and antibiotics.”

Yes, “the global Jewish diaspora,” also known as “international Jewry.” That thing that I (and several others) frequently refer to as “The Jews.”

Anyone who mentions it is called a conspiracy theorist and a hater. But they can refer to it themselves as having “wishes,” AKA “an agenda.” I’ve called this “the Jewish Agenda,” and noted that the war against Russia is a key part of “the Jewish Agenda.”

This Jew ambassador from the Ukraine to Israel is saying exactly what I’m saying. Really, word for word.

It’s Important for Israel to be On-Board with the Global Jewish Agenda, AKA “The Wishes” of “Global Jewish Diaspora”

There’s probably a decent argument that everything Israel has comes from the US anyway, so the US can just give it directly to the Ukraine.

But it’s more of a symbolic gesture that the Ukraine is demanding – they want every nation to rally around and support the war against Russia with vitriolic fervor.

Zelensky has been trying to appeal to the population of Israel for support by claiming that Putin is literally Hitler.

See: BASED: Zelensky Says Putin is Second Most Anti-Semitic Person, Only Beaten by HITLER

Israeli military and political leaders presumably also have a lot of hatred for Russians, simply because all Jews do, but they are also probably wise enough to see that this whole Ukraine thing is not going anywhere, and they would rather the US resources be focused on Iran.

Frankly, they can also see that the Chinese deal to establish peace between the Sunnis and the Shiites is a result of the Ukraine debacle. Obviously, fomenting conflict between Shia and Sunni is the only way Israel was able to survive this long.

This was the old map. Now, Saudi and the other Gulf states are allied with Iran, and they are all allied with Russia and China. Turkey is also more in that camp, though Turkey is expert at playing both sides. Given the influence of the Russia-China alliance in the region, Israel is not in a position to fully embrace the Ukraine.

That said, Israel is the closest thing to “true neutral.”

The Ukraine claims that anyone claiming neutrality is pro-Russia, and this is sort of true, in some twisted sense. Russia has been calling for a peace deal since 2014, long before the invasion, whereas the Ukraine position is “endless war.” So if neutral is pro-peace, then it is necessarily aligned with the Russian agenda.

However, Israel has not called for peace, as nations representing 85% of the world’s population have called for peace. In fact, their biggest involvement in the war was in the beginning of the conflict, when the Prime Minister at the time, Neftali Bennet, got Putin to agree not to kill Zelensky.

That was no doubt coupled with some favor for Putin in the Middle East.

The dynamics are perhaps weird, but sort of obvious.

I think the strangest part is that the Ukraine is making such a big deal of Israel refusing to fully commit to them, given that they must understand Israel’s reasons for not doing so.

Probably, if you wanted to go into it further, you would determine that even outside of Israel’s security situation, the Ukraine is part of a George Soros sphere of influence which the Likud Party in Israel is opposed to.

Some people will try to claim that Jews are always working with each other in every situation and that any conflict between them is fake. This is, I believe, a very dumb way to look at things. Firstly, the benefits of faking conflict are not really clear. More obviously, the idea that two individual Jews could never be in conflict with each other is obviously dumb (look at the protests in Israel that are still ongoing), so it doesn’t follow that groups of Jews could never be in conflict.

The thing is simple: Jews will always side with other Jews against non-Jews, and this makes it look, to non-Jews, as if they all always agree with each other and operate totally as a bloc. But that is not reality. If you look at New York City, you find Jews suing each other regularly. That is two Jews with differing financial interests. Right now, Israel and the Ukraine have differing financial interests, and a bunch of other differing interests.

In general, Jews want to just rip people off and screw them over, turn them gay, enslave them, kill them, and so on. But within that agenda, there is a lot of room for disagreement, and a lot of room for conflicting interests.

There hasn’t been a lot of polling in Israel on the Ukraine issue, probably because no one really benefits from it. But the existing polls show, unsurprisingly, that an overwhelming majority (76%) prefer the Ukraine to Russia, but that a much slimmer plurality (41%) is against arming the Ukraine.

The US Wants Israel to Take a Side – Maybe They Will

The only reason that Ukraine would be pushing Israel is because US Jews want Israel to take the Ukrainian side more aggressively. They might be getting ready to do that.

Last week, the Jewish Ukraine Defense Minister spoke to the Jewish Israeli Defense Minister.

Allegedly, they had not spoken much.

As you know, there are ongoing protests in Israel against the Netanyahu government. The protesters, who are leftists, would definitely be more aggressively pro-Ukraine than the Bibi government.

The government of Israel is ultimately determined by the US, so if the US wanted, they could support Bibi’s opposition.

Even if you believe reports that the US is getting aggressive in pushing for Israel to support the Ukraine, it really doesn’t seem prudent.

But the Jews running the Democrat Party have never really seemed to like Bibi that much. He is largely supported by “right-wing” billionaires, such as the late Sheldon Adelson (his wife is now giving Bibi money).

It’s not really important if Israel does support the Ukraine. The only thing that would make a difference is if they pushed a peace deal. But there is no real chance they would do that.

Nothing would change if they started sending a portion of their US winnings to the Ukraine. Nothing, save for potentially Putin’s position changing.

Again, we don’t know what Bennet promised Putin in exchange for Putin promising to not kill Zelensky. If Bennet promised that Israel would not endorse the war, then Israel endorsing the war could void that. It’s also possible that Israel moving to more aggressively support the Ukraine would result in Russia doing something in the Middle East. I’m not sure what that would look like. It’s more or less quiet over there since ISIS was removed. Assad is in control of Syria, Israel has largely backed off, and the Islamic world as a whole is working on peace between each other.

All things being equal, I would prefer Russia be more openly hostile towards Israel. So maybe I support Israel supporting the Ukraine?