David Duke Says He Supports Anti-Genocide Protesters

Activist Nick Fuentes tried to hold an event in Detroit over the weekend. It’s still not totally clear what happened there. It was canceled, but then it moved somewhere else, and then it was canceled again, and some black security guard did a Jackie Chan style flying punch and knocked a streamer’s front teeth out… it’s all muddy, and looking at tweets about the series of events in Detroit doesn’t really make any of it particularly clear.

What is clear is that at some point David Duke showed up and made statements against the Jews, in support of Palestine, and compared what Jews are doing to Palestinians with what they are doing to white Americans.

This has led many to label Duke “the real Motor City Madman.”

Though some disagree with this characterization.

New York Post:

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke says he is siding with anti-Israel protesters and those who will “save us from Jewish supremacism” — and now pro-Palestine activists are being ripped online for finding common ground with the hate group.

Duke, a self-proclaimed white supremacist and ex-grand wizard of the Knights of the KKK, made his hateful comments during a protest Friday in Detroit that was held after the rightwing America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) led by white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes was abruptly canceled.

I support Nick and all his work … and all the people who are working to save our country and save us from Jewish supremacism. We’re being genocided just like the Palestinians,” Duke says in a video shared on X by political commentator and undercover journalist Cam Higby.

When asked in the clip if he is friends with Fuentes, Duke replies, “I consider him a comrade in the fight for our people.”

Videos of Duke’s comments shared on X quickly took off, with many commenting that anti-Israel activists should be concerned they have seemingly found common ground with the KKK.

“If David Duke is on your side, you know you are on the wrong side,” the National Jewish Assembly (NJA) commented under the clip.

I think this will likely have the opposite effect, if it is going to have any effect.

I think it is impossible to make anti-Israel protesters become more sympathetic to Israel “because bad guy also say Israel bad.”

It is more likely that the anti-Israel crowd will wonder if the “far-right” hasn’t been lied about by the same Jewish media that lies about them, and wonder if there is common ground.

(There is common ground.)