Unbowed French Socialist Promises to Take the Fight to the Jews

Daily Stormer
December 19, 2019

France Unbowed leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jeremy Corbyn went down without a fight but his French equivalent Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party, in reaction to Corbyn’s defeat, has vowed to wage a ruthless war on the Jews.

The Jewish Chronicle:

French far left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon responded to Labour’s general election defeat by accusing his country’s main Jewish federation Crif of being a group of arrogant sectarians who send out orders to politicians.

Mr Mélenchon wrote that Britain’s Chief Rabbi and “pro-Likud networks” had orchestrated a campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, adding that “unlike Corbyn”, he would never give in to Jewish groups.

His comments, which were backed by some of MPs in his France Unbowed party, were criticised by government officials.

“He (Corbyn) faced unsubstantiated, churlish antisemitism claims from England’s chief rabbi and pro-Likud networks,” Mr Mélenchon wrote, saying their accusations were one of the major reasons for Labour’s defeat.

“Instead of firing back, he spent his time apologising and making pledges. In both cases, he showed weakness.”

He continued by saying “Labour and Corbyn’s terrible defeat did not surprise me” and vowing to adopt an apparently opposite strategy.

I will never give in. The pension reform, a liberal and German Europe, Green capitalism, bowing to the arrogant and sectarian dictates of the Crif: No! No means No!”

Mélenchon was absolutely right in his diagnosis of Corbyn’s failure. Instead of denouncing the ethnic conspiracy that was being waged against him, instead of attacking the Jews, their lies and their international scheming, Corbyn sought to appease the unappeasable. He tried to be a good goy by adopting their Working Definition of What Goyim Are Allowed to Say; in a vain attempt to win mercy from the Jews, he sacrificed loyal supporters like Ken Livingstone and Chris Williamson and began suspending the party membership of anyone even accused of anti-Semitism.

This made it impossible for his supporters to publicly defend him by pointing out what was happening, namely that international Jewry was concocting bogus accusations of anti-Semitism to undermine a man it saw as a threat to Israel because of his sympathy for the Palestinians and the BDS movement.

After that, Corbyn was mincemeat for the Jews and their Lies.

Even now, in the various post-mortem analyses being offered by Labour members, no one dares utter the truth.

It takes a foreigner like Mélenchon or someone outside the party, like expelled member Chris Williamson, to say it.

Let me be very clear about what’s happened, both in my case and in the targeting of other Socialists, many of them black or Jewish. We’ve seen manufactured anti-Semitism accusations as part of a concerted smear campaign. A hostile foreign government has mobilised its assets in the UK – which Israeli diplomats call their ‘power multiplier’ – in an attempt to prevent a Corbyn-led Labour government. Their secondary goal was always to blunt the internationalism in our movement and normalise Zionism in the Labour Party. They’ve done this by terrifying activists, coordinating with anti-Corbyn journalists and MPs, and using faith organisations, many of them charities, to promote the antisemitism narrative.

All in all, the anti-Corbyn conspiracy has been an astonishing demonstration of Jewish power. A tiny minority was somehow able to commandeer almost the entire British media to articulate its sense of grievance about… some people saying things on the internet that they didn’t like. A demographic that, by my calculations, was giving Labour only about 15-20,000 votes even before Corbyn came to power, was able to subvert the party for years with its schemes and machinations.

The problem for the Jews is that in order to bring Corbyn down they have had to make their power manifest. And once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it.

Their behavior demonstrably validated many traditional anti-Semitic tropes – about backstabbing, conspiring, lying international Jews with no real loyalty to the countries they lived in. For all the talk about “fighting anti-Semitism,” it’s a cast-iron certainty that there are more anti-Semites in Britain now than there were before the campaign started.

In closing, I will note that it is a sad commentary on Conservatism Inc. that there is more overt resistance to Jewish power on the Left than there is on the Right, even though Jews are in the vanguard of the attack on everything that conservatives traditionally held dear.