Pro-Palestine Protesters Interrupt NYC Pride Parade, Get Attacked by Brutal Badge Niggers

“Take your bleeding hearts out of our analfest.”

I hope there are Moslems at these protests explaining to the white retards that gays are part of a Jewish global crime syndicate.

It seems like it should be obvious. The faggots are waving Jew flags.

Here’s the interesting question: is the genocide in Gaza enough to cause a complete realignment of the political orientation of college students?

Probably not. But maybe.

New York Post:

Anti-Israel demonstrators busted through barricades at New York City’s NYC Pride parade Sunday, threw fake blood at a Human Rights Campaign float and temporarily blocked the march, videos show.

The disrupters — including some in masks — included about a dozen people who ended up cuffed by cops.

Red paint could be seen splattered all over Christopher Street in Greenwich Village as the group sat cross-legged blocking the roadway at the intersection of Waverly Place.

Some of the protesters also wore keffiyehs and carried a large banner reading, “No queer liberation without Palestinian liberation” and displayed a large Palestinian flag while chanting, “Shut it down!”

After several minutes, a group of about 20 NYPD officers and NYPD Special Operations officers approached the protesters and placed them in zip-tie cuffs one by one.

Some people in the crowd shouted, “Shame!” and hurled epithets at the cops.

The demonstrators did not appear to resist. It was not immediately known what if any charges they are facing.

Facing charges of “aggravated interruption of a sacred anal act” and “antisemitic terrorism.”

Seeing Chuck Schumer rallying the Anal Hordes for Israel in the country my ancestors built makes me want to cry or buy a Hilux.

Or both.

There are a lot of men crying while purchasing Hiluxi these days.

Or so I’ve heard.

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