United Cuckdom: Police Officer Obeys When Told by Street Moslem to Remove Wristband of Hate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2015

In this video, the street Moslem and radical terrorist Anjem Choudary approaches a police officer and tells him to remove his “Help for Heroes” wristband.

The police officer looks very uncomfortable, and then quickly complies with the demands of the street terrorist.

This is incredible. This police officer should be fired and deported.

But I wonder, is this not the normal behavior of Whites toward Moslems in Britain? Full submission? They let them traffic little girls, so I guess getting bossed around on the street is the least of it.

I am proud that in my country – messed up as it is – Choudary would have been arrested and quite possibly beaten for speaking to an officer of the law in this manner, regardless of his ethnic origin.

Help for Heroes is a support organization for wounded soldiers.