US and UK Military Training to Put Down Russian Civilians

The ZOG army is getting ready to put down Russian civilians!


US and UK military forces have held a joint exercise to practice interoperability and test their latest gadgets and combat techniques on terrain similar to the “Ukrainian steppe,” reportedly including war games simulating how they might “pacify” mobs of angry Russian-speaking civilians.

The ongoing drills are being held in California’s Mojave Desert as part of the Pentagon’s ‘Project Convergence‘, which was expanded this year to include participation by allies Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

The troops, including an elite British infantry regiment, practiced “lessons learned” from the Russia-Ukraine conflict while training on open desert landscapes deemed “similar to the flat terrain of the Ukrainian steppe,” the UK’s Times newspaper said.

The drills took place at Fort Irwin, a sprawling US Army base that includes realistic-looking mock villages built with the help of Hollywood set designers. In years past, Arabic speakers and Afghans were hired and brought in from the Los Angeles area to play the part of civilians. This time around, with the Russia-Ukraine conflict raging in Eastern Europe, most of the non-combatants were played by Russian speakers.

“The fake civilians even have their own social media networks – ‘Fakebook’ and ‘Twatter’ – on which they whip up an unruly mob by reporting any examples of US troops behaving poorly,” the Times said. “The soldiers must then pacify the crowds.”

Why would they use those terms?

For those who don’t know – those bastardized social media names are a boomer meme.

Here’s the point: if the US was not planning on going to war with Russia, and actually invading Russia, why would they be doing this training?

The best answer is that it is training for dealing with civilians in Eastern Ukraine, but that would also imply all out war with Russia – because those territories are now officially a part of Russia.