US Biggest Exporter of LNG After Banning Europe from Buying Russian Gas

At least the US is able to recoup some of the losses in the Ukraine war by selling gas to replace the gas it told Europeans they were not allowed to buy.


The US emerged as the globe’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for the global market in 2023, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing tanker tracking and government data. Australia came in second, while Qatar, which ranked first in 2022, saw its output drop by 1.9% and slid to third place.

According to the report, US LNG exports hit monthly and annual records last month, with the country exporting 8.6 million metric tons in December alone to total 88.9 million metric tons in 2023, up 14.7% compared to 2022.

According to US government data, Europe remained the foremost destination for US LNG exports last month, accounting for 5.43 million metric tons, or more than 60% of overall shipments. Nearly 70% of US LNG exports were destined for the region in November. The EU significantly increased its LNG imports last year, following the drop in pipeline gas flows from Russia, once its major supplier. This occurred amid Ukraine-related sanctions against Moscow and a sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines in 2022, which made them inoperable.

The US had to destroy Russia because of our values in a democracy. It’s just a coincidence that forcing Europe to boycott Russian gas was profitable for the US.

It’s really great that for America, the country that determines universal morality by state decree, the most profitable action is also the most moral.