US Marines: Only TWO of 3,212 Applications for Religious Vax Exemption Approved

Were the two Amish?

I don’t think Amish join the military. I think they actually even have a federal exemption from being drafted.

I wish I was Amish.


An additional 45 US Marines have reportedly been kicked out of the service in the past week for refusing to comply with the Pentagon’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate, bringing total firings over the jabs to more than 300.

The Marine Corps has taken a tough stand against recalcitrant troops, saying all unvaccinated members who don’t have an exemption application or appeal pending are being processed for removal. The latest round of firings brings total discharges over the mandate to 334, according to the US Naval Institute.

There was a small confusion over the number of troops discharged last week, after officials “inadvertently counted Marines who had not yet been separated, and Marines who had been separated for other misconduct,” the USMC spokesman said, according to the Epoch Times.

While more than 600 Marines have been granted administrative or medical exemptions, almost all requests for religious exemptions have been refused. As of last week, only two of 3,212 applications for exemption from the mandate for religious reasons had been approved, the Marines Corps Times reported.

The USMC has been the most aggressive of all military branches in firing members who refuse to get Covid-19 shots. It also has the most jab-resistant force, with about 5% of active-duty troops and 13% of reservists still not fully vaccinated.

Maybe the religious exemptions were for Satanists?

That seems to be the only religion our government respects at this point.

Satanists and Mormons.