US Now Saying the Obvious: Instead of Telling Jews to Stop Killing, They Will Just Bring Gazans to America

Someone please ask fat retarded Republican Jew-lovers if they want millions more Arab immigrants.

Because that is what their lunatic support for the mass murder of children in Gaza is going to lead to.

How stupid? How fat?

What is the purpose of supporting Israel? Why would you support the sickening Jews of all people? If you were going to support anyone murdering children, why the Jews, who hate you, who think you’re an animal that was born only to serve them?

If it’s “Evangelical Christianity,” you can forget it, because I know for a fact no one believes that horseshit anymore, save maybe the fattest of the fatties. All of these Zionist mega-churches are either closed down or filled with Mexicans, and Mexicans don’t have opinions on anything.

From the beginning of this nightmare, it was obvious that the government was going to move towards massive immigration of the Palestinians. The Jews are telling you “these are human animals and they’re all terrorists” – then the Jews turn around and tell you they’re sending them over to move in next door to you.

The Gazans do not even want to leave. But you’re going to bring them here, to the country that funded bombing their homes and killing their families?

New York Post:

Top Biden administration officials are mulling over plans to potentially welcome into the US a small number of Palestinians fleeing the region amid the bloody Israel-Hamas war, according to a report.

One idea officials floated over recent weeks is to tap into the United States Refugee Admissions Program to grant refugee status to those who escaped the Gaza Strip into Egypt, CBS News reported, citing documents.

That effort would likely require cooperation with Egypt. Palestinians who have family in the US may also get admittance, per the report.

US officials have reportedly been considering various arrangements to that effect and multiple federal agencies are involved with the plans.

To gain entrance into the US, would-be refugees would likely need to pass screenings assessing their medical condition, eligibility, and any security concerns.

Yeah, sure.

No one else is passing any screenings. People just walk across the border.

They would also likely have to provide evidence that they are fleeing some form of persecution.

That could prove tricky for individuals who claim to be fleeing persecution from Israel, which is a key US ally in the region.

Individuals may be able to claim they are fleeing Hamas, which the US designates as a terrorist organization.


Refugee status provides individuals the ability to gain permanent residence in the US, an avenue towards citizenship, and financial assistance.

Such a policy would mark a dramatic shift for the US refugee program, which has generally not permitted Palestinians into the country en masse.

Again, it was obvious from the beginning.

Jew-lovers are willing to sacrifice anything for the Jews. It is like satanic possession. They will destroy their own children to help the Jews kill children.

That psychopathic dweeb Mike Johnson says he believes it’s his duty “as a Christian” to service the Jews in the most disgusting ways a man can comprehend, as well as in filthy modes beyond human comprehension.

This is disqualifying. You cannot have a top political official who follows a religion that requires him to swear allegiance to a foreign country. That is just obviously not viable.

What if he thought the Bible said that Chinese people were the chosen ones, and it was the duty of the US to send infinity money to China? Do you see that this is not workable? You cannot have government officials swearing allegiance to a foreign country.

The Arabs that come over through this program (which will obviously be more than just Palestinians) should be sent to live in the neighborhoods of Jew-lovers. No one else deserves this. Everyone else was saying the Jews should be defunded and boycotted.