Israel Rejects Permanent Ceasefire, Tells Hamas to Take Deal or Prepare for Rafah Slaughter

Bibi already said he was going to destroy Rafah even if Hamas took the deal.

Now he’s going to say “I did it because they wouldn’t take the deal.”

It’s not clear what point Bibi has in doing propaganda plays at this point. Pretty much, everyone has already come to a conclusion about what is going on at this point. At least, I can’t see Palestine supporters changing their minds. Boomers would probably change their minds if they started reading the internet instead of watching CNN and Fox News (but they aren’t going to do that – they are so fat that they have fat in their eyes and can’t read).

The Guardian:

Senior Israeli officials ramped up pressure on Hamas on Sunday, saying Israel would refuse any permanent end to hostilities and threatening a new onslaught “in the very near future” if the militant organisation did not accept recently proposed terms for a ceasefire.

In a televised address, Benjamin Netanyahu once more rejected Hamas’s demands for a definitive end to the war in Gaza, saying that any permanent ceasefire would allow the group to remain in power and pose a continuing threat to Israel.

Speaking a day after thousands of people again rallied in Tel Aviv demanding a deal to free the remaining Israeli captives, Netanyahu also said that his government had “been working around the clock to formulate an agreement that would return our hostages”.

Hours later, Israel’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant, said Hamas did not appear to be serious about reaching a ceasefire deal. If a deal is not reached, he added, this would lead Israel to launch an often-threatened offensive into Rafah, a reported Hamas stronghold where about a million people displaced from elsewhere in Gaza have sought shelter, “in the very near future”.

Maybe Bibi is just doing propaganda against his own population. That actually does make sense.

Even though it looks like the only people demanding he get the hostages back are their family and personal friends. Most people in Israel do not appear to care about the hostages.