“US Presidential Candidate” Vivek Ramaswamy Says “America First 2.0” Needs to be About War with China

Hello, whites. I am a working class populist. I also believe in reasonable free markets and so on, and also despise the elites. Now, how would you like to go to war with the ancient blood enemies of my people? Furthermore, may I implore you to show bobs? My ten feet penes feel so good in your vagene.

You people really need to start paying attention to the things I say on this website.

I’ve been telling you exactly what is happening: there is a conspiracy within the “populist” conservative movement to transform American right-wing politics into a war machine against the Chinese.

I actually am willing to believe that at least some of these people have “good intentions” in the sense that they believe this will somehow be good for America, uniting around a 1980s ideal of a society coming together against an ideological foreign threat. But the people organizing it are not so dumb and naive.

It is a conspiracy. They are lying to you on purpose, distracting from the problems at home by pointing to an imaginary foreign threat. There is nothing in my life more exhausting than being called a China shill by braindead zombie morons who reflexively believe in this stupid lie. It’s so very tiresome.

The famous Indian guest on Tucker Carlson has said he’s running for president (of America?), and he’s making his campaign all about pushing a war against the Chinese. Obviously, this guy is not going to win, so the purpose of this campaign is that these people are injecting the China war narrative into the 2024 presidential discussion with a one-issue Indian who assures you his problems with China have nothing to do with ancient ethnic hatred.

The fact that this is being framed as “we need to end the Ukraine war so we can start a war with China” is just so predictable and droll. One agenda always leads directly into the next. Everyone in the public view is an actor playing a role in this process.

“Things are more complicated, white people. Now you need to fight my blood enemies for my foreign race. It is your patriotic duty as a working class populist.”

I wish I was as stupid as the morons who can’t see all this laid out so crystal clear like I am cursed to do. I just can’t imagine the peaceful and almost sedated nature of the existence of someone so stupid as to see people on the TV saying “oh no, the people in your government are not the problem! No! Look over there! On the other side of the planet! Look at those foreign people! They have small eyes and eat disgusting meals! They are the true source of your troubles!” and sit there and say “wow, that TV sure is correct – we should go kill all those people I know nothing about while leaving the people who control my government totally unmolested.”

This whole move by the “working class populist” wing of the conservative movement to start really going nuts over the Chinese started with the balloon. Tucker Carlson is the most public face of this movement, but it’s a gigantic network with a lot of people behind it.

People you will see focusing on China while saying the Ukraine war should end:

  • Josh Hawley
  • Blake Masters
  • JD Vance
  • Ron DeSantis (and all the people around him)
  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • Breitbart
  • The Gateway Pundit
  • Ben Shapiro and his people
  • Scott Adams
  • Virtually everyone involved with the Silicon Valley right-wing movement, excluding possibly Elon Musk
  • Most of the former/current MAGA people


  • Glenn Greenwald
  • Max Blumenthal
  • Joe Rogan

There are others as well involved in this grand conspiracy, some I’m forgetting and some I don’t know about, but it is a definite pattern that you will see play out as you are already seeing it play out. Remember, I said this would happen before it started happening.

The interesting thing is that they are presenting this, like Ramaswamy just did, as some kind of anti-war agenda. They will make it sound like “we need to focus on the problems we have at home,” but then shift it into “we need to do a war with the Chinese.”

Then of course, you have the normal conservatives, epitomized by Sean Hannity, who will say we should keep fighting a war with Russia but also attack China at the same time.