Kissinger Meets China’s Defense Minister in Beijing

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Kissinger is 100 years old and is still somehow the single US diplomat that the Chinese are interested in talking to.

That must be really embarrassing for everyone working for the US government that is under 100 years old.

The Guardian:

The veteran US diplomat Henry Kissinger has met China’s defence minister in Beijing.

According to a readout on Tuesday from the Chinese defence ministry, Li Shangfu said “friendly communication” between China and the US had been “destroyed” because “some people in the United States did not meet China halfway”. Kissinger said he was a “friend of China”, according to the readout.

“Neither the United States nor China can afford to treat the other as an adversary. If the two countries go to war, it will not lead to any meaningful results for the two peoples,” the Chinese statement reported Kissinger as saying.

Kissinger’s visit, which had not been publicised, is outside the official roster of meetings. It is almost exactly 52 years since his secret visit to Beijing in July 1971, which paved the way for Richard Nixon, the US president at the time, to normalise relations between the US and China. More than half a century on, Kissinger is still seen by many in Beijing as a “friend of China”. In May, state tabloid the Global Times praised Kissinger’s “razor-sharp” mind.

Kissinger has repeatedly warned of “catastrophic” consequences of a conflict between the US and China.

The issue is: Kissinger is not going to be alive forever to defuse these situations.

The US government is obsessed with war with China. This is the big focus of the whole machine – even more than on finishing the war with Russia.

I’ve seen no evidence of sanity within the US government – and I’ve been looking.