Biden the Butcher to Airdrop Supplies to Gaza Instead of Stopping Arms Deliveries to Israel

Previously: Jew Monsters Open Fire on Gazans Waiting in Line for Food, Slaughter More Than 100 People

What good is a humanitarian drop if the Jews are just going to open fire on you with tanks when you line up to get your flour?

It is now obvious – or at least obvious to me – that the “Flour Massacre” earlier this week was a planned event. The Jews set up the Palestinians to group together to get food, planning to gun them down while they were waiting in line. The purpose, other than just more deaths, is to make these starving people afraid to go to the aid pickups.

The Guardian:

The US will start airdrops of food and emergency supplies into Gaza in the next few days, Joe Biden has announced, amid UN warnings of famine and after Israeli troops opened fire on Gazans seeking food aid.

The use of airdrops is a spectacular but inefficient way of delivering aid, and Friday’s announcement suggests that Biden had given up on being able to persuade Israel in the near future to coordinate a large-scale ground-based relief effort under the threat of mass starvation across Gaza.

Critics suggested it represented no more than a gesture, which obscured Biden’s reluctance to use US leverage to force Israel to be more cooperative in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

“Airdrops are not the solution to relieve this suffering, and distract time and effort from proven solutions to help at scale,” the International Rescue Committee aid organisation said. “All diplomatic focus should be on ensuring Israel lifts its siege of Gaza.”

Joe Biden should just go all-in and start giving speeches about the need to destroy the seed of Amalek. He’s de facto already done that, when he said his support for Bibi is “unconditional,” and then Bibi said he was going to wipe out Amalek.

This position of Biden’s now, which is “we have to keep the slaughter going forever, but we’ll try to send them some bags of flour so they don’t starve to death so hard” is absurd. He openly supports the slaughter, then acts like he’s regrettable about it?

Biden could at any time end all of this by simply calling up Bibi and telling him he’s turning the money faucet off and withdrawing the American forces protecting Israel if there’s not a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. It’s not a mystery. There is no mystery here. This is all on the Biden government.

The entire concept of sending aid is just to try to pacify the Democrats who are against this genocide, but it won’t work. Biden the Butcher would do better to go full “exterminate the seed of Amalek and cleanse the land for the Jewish people.” If he added “but I still want all children to be trannies and I’m going to keep the border open forever,” he would still keep his base.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.