Vanity Fair Edits Out Guy Pearce’s Palestine Pin from Photo Shoot

This is like, really hardcore.

I almost have respect for Vanity Fair for having these kinds of balls.

Like, they had to know Pearce was going to complain, right?


Vanity Fair France has apologised after it was found to have photoshopped an image of actor Guy Pearce, removing a Palestinian pin he wore at the Cannes Film Festival.  

The ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Prometheus’ star posed for a photo shoot wearing a badge displaying the Palestinian flag on his jacket. The item was reportedly visible in the French magazine edition of Vanity Fair, but absent from images shared by the publication’s website and Instagram account.

The edit was first reported by journalist Ahmed Hathout over the weekend. “So Guy Pearce showed solidarity with Palestine at Cannes by wearing a pin and Vanity Fair decided to photoshop it out,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter), noting that the Australian actor also wore a bracelet in the colors of the Palestinians flag.

The magazine was lambasted online, with commenters accusing it of censorship. Many pointed out that Pearce is a vocal supporter of the Palestinians and has labeled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu “a vengeful tyrant” for the IDF’s conduct in Gaza.

“Palestinians are being murdered as we speak. Displaced, traumatized, ruined,” the actor wrote on social media on Tuesday. “This MUST stop. SHAME on you Netanyahu.”

I always liked Guy Pearce. He wasn’t really in any very good movies. There was one that took place during the city war where he was a cannibal. That was cool. I’m not even sure that was him.

Memento was cool I guess but sort of overrated. But I guess it was pretty cool at the time, and maybe it just didn’t hold up very well.

Anyway, with this move, he’s basically saying “I’m good with never being in another Hollywood movie for the rest of my life. I’m just sick of this Jew bullshit.” I mean, he’s only in his mid-50s. Like, he could have a career, and he’s just like “yeah, but nah, I’m just way sick of Jews.”

I guess if you’re sick of Jews killing kids in Palestine, you’re definitely also sick of dealing with Jews in Hollywood.

Good man.


The film was called Ravenous, and Pearce was indeed in it.

I remember thinking it was a fun time.